Mr. Zeuschner’s Rebuttal to “I Hate the Patriots”


Tim Zeuschner, Social Studies Teacher

As I read “I Hate the Patriots” by Andrew DeCasperis in  The Bobcat Prowl I was struck by the number of inaccuracies, partial truths, and outright misinformation.  This opinion piece is more appropriate in the pages of The National Inquirer than in your esteemed publication.

Professional sports are about skill and performance.  As Shakespeare states in Othello “Jealousy is the green-eyed monster.”  Clearly Mr. DeCasperis’ outlook is grounded in jealousy.  His claims about the ( FIVE TIME in SIXTEEN YEARS SUPER BOWL CHAMPION) Patriots being “like a bunch of cheaters and rule benders” misrepresents the facts of the two biggest controversies surrounding this twenty-first century dynasty.  In regards to Spygate, the Patriots did not violate a rule.  The NFL Competition Committee never passed a rule about videotaping signals.  What the Patriots didn’t follow was a memo from the Commissioner’s Office about videotaping signals.  The resulting punishment was given by the Commissioner to further his grip on power in the NFL and to placate owners who could not create a team to rival the consistency of the Patriots.

Too much has been written and said about Deflategate to spend too much time on it as topic.  Suffice to say, Commissioner Goodell and his Keystone Cops did a hatchet job and never explained why four footballs of the Indianapolis Colts registered below the required PSI or why not all of the Colts’ footballs were measured.  What followed was a black-eye to the NFL, not the patriots.

As for Tom Brady not having “an arm anymore” I would like to point out to the well-known New York Giant fan Mr. DeCasperis that Eli Manning’s yards after catch portion of his passing yards last season was 50.4% while Brady’s was 49.3%.  Brady’s 77+% career winning percentage, five super bowl wins and three Super Bowl MVP’s along with the greatest TD to INT ratio in NFL history last season is sufficient to make him the GOAT.

I could go on, but it is clear that Mr. DeCasperis is consumed by Shakespeare’s ”green-eyed monster.”  I will enjoy hearing his reaction the NEXT time WFSB bumps the Giants on a Sunday afternoon so they can show the Patriots host an NFC team.