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The Bobcat Prowl

The Student News Site of South Windsor High School

The Bobcat Prowl

Prom dresses hang on display ready to be bought by those in attendance of the annual event.

Should Prom Follow Juniors to Senior Year?

Izabel Dzubin and Mia Ruiz April 24, 2024

When students finally reach high school, they endure three long years before their junior prom finally arrives. Most people dream of the night when they get to dress in formal attire, dance the night...

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Rising out of Hatred, by Eli Saslow is read by students in 11th grade.

Reading a Road to Redemption

A review of the text Rising out of Hatred.
Maria Verly, Wire Services Manager April 18, 2024

I think that most of us can agree that a plethora of books we read for school can be mundane, and I am saying this as someone who finds pleasure in reading. When you don’t enjoy the books assigned to...

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South Windsor High School students walking into the building for another day of school.

Tiring School Life of Juniors

Kaylee Turner, Staff Writer March 15, 2024

On March 19th, South Windsor High School juniors will take the lengthy and important SAT exam, which requires students’ full focus. Although this test is occurring, South Windsor High School is still...

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Inside SWHS cafeteria breakfast and lunch line where there are no Halal options available for students to purchase.

Excluded From the Menu

Lack of Halal options in school lunch
Hussein Kafel, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

School lunch is one of the most important services a school can provide for its students. It allows for students to be well nourished, and provides a time of rest during the middle of their day. However,...

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A postcard from South Windsor High School that staff send out to students.

Power of Postcards

Esha Malli, Staff Writer March 6, 2024

There are many ways to say thank you in today’s digital age, but some South Windsor High School staff have given students and families the increasingly rare and delightful experience of receiving a handwritten...

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Students scrolling through social media while sitting in a classroom.

The Battle Between Cell Phones and Classroom Attention

Brianna Sweeney, Staff Writer March 6, 2024

Since 2020, the use of social media has increased, and so have distractions in the classroom. This has catalyzed controversy around the nation about whether cell phone use in schools should be banned. COVID-19...

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Students, teachers, and parents adjust to changes throughout the town and schools

Change, Change, and More Change

How students and teachers of South Windsor High School feel about the changes that have happened in their hometown.
Elizabeth Sinclair, Editor February 27, 2024

Over the years, South Windsor has gone through plenty of changes, attempting to modernize the town. These changes range from creating more affordable housing, adding factories and constructing new state-of-the-art...

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South Windsor students leave their lunch mess strew about the floor.

South Windsor’s ‘Veritable Smorgasbord’

Tatiana Walton, Staff Writer February 8, 2024

Raisins, wrappers, and apple rinds, a “veritable smorgasbord” on the floor. Lunchtime is supposed to be a mindful break for students to wind down and enjoy their time away from school work, but how...

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Connecticut doesnt respect the rights of student journalists, that must change. Made with Canva.

Connecticut Doesn’t Support Student Journalism. Here’s How to Fix That

Max Schwartzman, Editor-in-Chief February 3, 2024

As a state that prides itself on being the “Constitution State,” Connecticut does not extend the most fundamental elements of our Constitution’s First Amendment to the voices of the future, hindering...

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