Dear Mr. Gettleman: Sorry About That

Jacob Chaimovitch

May 7, 2020

Those who follow The Bobcat Prowl might remember that a little over a year ago, I wrote about New York Giants’ GM Dave Gettleman and his failed off-season. With Head Coach, Pat Shurmur, now gone and Joe Judge hired as the new ...

These Bottom Five Teams in the NBA have Incredibly Bright Futures…Here’s Why

February 18, 2020

During the NBA season, many casual fans look to the top teams in the league. In this case, the Celtics, Bucks, Heat, Raptors, Lakers, Nuggets, and Clippers dominate the talk. However, there are five teams in particular that I...

Cats Movie Review

Cael Brennan

January 7, 2020

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Iconic musical interpretation of T.S Elliot’s poem "The Naming of Cats" is finally being portrayed on the silver screen. But upon the release of its first trailer the internet seemed to have an allergic reac...

Heathers v. Mean Girls

Cael Brennan

November 27, 2019

Are you a Plastic or a Heather?  Both Mean Girls and The Heathers address the depravity of high school and how infamous cliques terrorize and target those below them on the social ladder. I will examine and compare the plot, h...