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Jennette McCurdy, from the hit show iCarly, wrote a book about her life.

‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ by Jennette McCurdy: Book Review

Hope Fournier, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

I’m Glad My Mom Died is an emotional and heartbreaking, yet funny, memoir written by former actress Jennette McCurdy that will have you laughing and crying. The book is a deepdive into her seemingly...

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Sophomore Shree Vinswanatha touching base with his teacher Mrs. Caless.

Getting Teachers to Understand

Should students be able to grade their teachers?
Fadel Kafel and Tyler Romero March 10, 2023

Grades can affect students in many ways, and teachers can have a major role in this. Not only are teachers responsible for grades, the teacher can also affect a student's behavior. However, not all teachers...

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Students hard at work  in class studying for an upcoming assessment.

Heavily Weighted Grading Scale

Is the 80/20 system hurting students more than helping?
Reagan Heafey-DeAngelis, Staff Writer March 9, 2023

South Windsor High School's grading scale is a sour topic for many students. At SWHS, the grading system is 80-20. Assessments are 80% and learner tasks are 20% of a student’s grade. Knowing the material...

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South Windsor plays Glastonbury at Rye Street park South Windsor.

Fall Ball, Love Them All

Nathan Tenney, Special Liaison to Athletics March 9, 2023

Fall sports make their mark to be the best season during the high school year. High school sports are sometimes seen as the most valuable part of the high school experience. Participating in extracurriculars...

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College logos decorate a classroom at South Windsor High School encourage students for post-secondary planning.

Jump into College Experience

Students will benefit from taking an advanced placement course in high school.
Sydney Main and Eliza Blanchfield March 3, 2023

Advanced Placement classes may introduce opportunities for students to expand their knowledge. However, these classes may only be useful for some students. AP classes may be extremely challenging, so it...

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Seniors are exhausted, overwhelmed and ready to graduate. Here is how South Windsor High School students are dealing with senioritis.


Manaal Sheriff and Shamyla Milner, Staff Writers March 2, 2023

Four months and counting… South Windsor High School seniors are graduating on  June 15th, 2023. After twelve years of mandatory 7-hour school days, tests, quizzes, and teenage drama, now, it's time...

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The view of the Blue Spruce Open Space from Frazer Fir Pond.

How to Spend a Snow Day in South Windsor?

Max Schwartzman, Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2023

Picture this: You’ve woken up late in the morning, the ground is covered in snow, and you’ve nowhere to go. What would you spend the day doing - or not doing? With almost half a foot of snow on...

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SWHS student scrolling through his social media feed in class.

Is it Time to Cancel Cancel Culture?

Maria Verly, Wire Services Manager February 24, 2023

With the reality of social media, can someone truly be canceled and face the consequences of their actions, or is the cancellation of those people just another example of performative activism? Performative...

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Students work collaboratively, knowing that their efforts will pay off with February break approaching.

Short, but Needed Break

What are SWHS students doing over break?
Tyler Romero, Staff Writer February 22, 2023

We have now entered the month of February, and this means we get a nice little break. This is a very exciting time for students. Many students schedule to go out of state with family or friends to have...

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Doja Cat and Sza on the Grammy award show red carpet.

The Grammys, Iconic or Outdated?

Controversy sparks at the 2023 Grammys
Sydney Main, Staff Writer February 22, 2023

The Grammy award show is known for its creative performances, celebration of music, and acknowledgement of musicians devoted to the development of the music industry. However, the 2023 Grammys was undeniably...

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There has been no snowfall in the month of February.

Disappearing Snow Days

The effect is bigger than you think
Keerthana Vadivelan, Staff Writer February 21, 2023

 Snow days, why are they disappearing? Do they have a bigger effect on us than we think? Snow days have gone missing this year, February is here already, and we still haven’t had a single snow day....

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While trendy gifts seem to be the best option, something as simple as a box of chocolates can convey your love for someone.

Gifts For Yo’ Girl

Angelina Bellizzi, Editor February 7, 2023

Although it feels as if our wallets are still healing from Christmas, for those with significant others Valentine's day is right around the corner. Only one week away, given those who haven't gotten their...

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