Parking Pass Problem

Students are concerned about the cost to park at school

Winter is approaching quicker than we know. Students should not have to walk all the way from lower Duprey just to attend school. This walk is approximately 5 minutes but in the cold most likely feels like 10.

The student parking lot is very convenient. Although, a lot of students find that $100 to park is too expensive. To receive a pass, students must fill out a form and pay by check. Once they pay, the school gives the students a pass that gets put in clear view of the windshield. 

Last year, students allegedly were parking in the student parking lot even though they didn’t receive a pass. They did this in protest to how expensive it was, and they didn’t want to pay that much Senior Wyatt Cote explained, ¨I wanna know where the money is going.¨ It went down to $30, and the students of South Windsor High School feel as though that should be the original price. 

Many students want to know where the money is going.

I feel like it’s not fair, but I would like to see the transparency on where they’re going with it,

— Senior Jack Huot

¨ said senior student Jack Huot. It is understandable that the funds needed to be made, but they should try and get it from somewhere else. 

South Windsor High School funds so many programs and donations. There are alternate solutions to this problem.  Students simply want the price to go down. The ideal solution would be to create a fundraiser and take all the money it made and give it to the school. Then at least the parking pass can go down from $100 to at least $50.