The Rise of The Sports Industry on Social Media


Ava Nicole Shasha, Editor

Social Media has opened a lot of doors for the modern world. From being able to show off your food to voicing your opinion on topics. Alongside those two examples, social media has also opened a door for Sports. On social media today you can find sports creators of all types, sports content of all types, basically anything on sports, you can find on social media.

The benefits social media has had for sports creators, and sports around the world are huge. You have sports creators making podcasts, making youtube videos, making tik toks, becoming brand ambassadors, etc. All these types of social media content coming out is also beneficial to sports fans who want to hear all about the news, and all the sports fans who want to hear the opinions of other people on certain sports news or rumors.

CJ Pukala a 16-year-old podcaster and video maker spoke about why he creates sports media, “I do what I do with the youtube channel and all that to essentially just share my passion for the Yankees and Baseball. My best friend Brandon has been pinstriped since birth and we founded The 4 Line to grow the game of baseball amongst younger fans and to get people interested in specifically the Yankees. We also want to make our voices heard about our team. We want to inspire people who may be our age or younger to go out and create their own content as well and make their voices heard alongside ours.”

Most people assume that creators do what they do as a job-type thing, but that simply is not true. Most do what they do because they have a passion for what they post and say, as it’s something they truly love doing.

“My favorite part about interviewing players is getting to know them not just as ballplayers, but as people. I enjoy having the opportunity to help players relive some of their past experiences and highlights of their career which often brings joy to them and makes the conversation even more fun to be a part of,” Says 19-year-old sports journalist Billy Pinckney when speaking about his favorite part of reporting and interviewing. Billy aside from being a baseball reporter is also a podcast host, and at 19-years-old Billy is on a strong path towards the top of the reporter world. Billy’s statement is a prime example of why reporting is a super important part of the sports world for not only the reporter but also the players in the game.

Not only does being a sports creator give people a chance to share what they want to, but it also opens up many different opportunities for the creators. Examples such as Brand Ambassadors, Recognition, a strong fan base, etc.

“It’s super fun. At first, I just did it because I had a lot of time on my hands during the pandemic and I did not expect my tik tok account to blow up like it did. It led to so many different opportunities for me that have helped me develop my platform on all my social media accounts. Although being a female sports creator can be a bit challenging at times, I have learned so much and I love inspiring other girls. It’s been such a great experience so far and I can’t wait to keep growing.” Said 18-year-old Sports Influencer Madyson Eisen. Who because of her growth on social media is now a brand ambassador and brand creator for many different brands.

When it comes to being a brand ambassador content creators hold a certain amount of responsibility. “I’m responsible for advertising their brands on my social media platforms and telling people why they should buy their product over other websites and brands’ ‘, explained 16-year-old sports creator and brand ambassador, Ryan Smalley. Ryan, who is a brand ambassador for Jersey Frost, where he has his own promo code, which he shares with his followers who follow him on social media.

Also for many sports creators, time is a valuable thing. While speaking to sports journalist, reporter and podcaster, Julian Guilarte, I asked him, how long does it take, and does he have to edit his content and put it up on the internet, he responded with, “I would say 5-10 minutes because most times it has to be quick, especially if it’s breaking news. If I have more time and nobody really knows about the news, It usually takes between 30-60 minutes.”

Sports creators have to be responsible for getting news and content out at a reasonable time depending on what is being addressed. Many sports fans rely on sports creators to get the news and details out, so they are aware of what’s going on, and what’s trending in the sports world.

The internet has given a new way, and modern way for the Sports Industry to brand itself, and make a name for itself. Nowadays, you can find a sports page, website, account on any sport in the whole wide world and each day, the sport’s creators are growing across all social and website platforms.