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Dollars for Scholars

Over 50 scholarships available for South Windsor graduating students.
Last years SWHS student recipients who received a Dollars for Scholars scholarship.
Mrs. Carty
Last year’s SWHS student recipients who received a Dollars for Scholars scholarship.

In the landscape of higher education, financial barriers stand in the way between students and their academic aspirations. The Dollars for Scholars, a national initiative by Scholarship America, has been instrumental in breaking down these barriers. The Dollars for Scholars program harnesses the power of the community to provide financial assistance for students.

Dollars for Scholars operates on a simple yet powerful premise: local scholarships for local students. With over 10,000 volunteers and over 400 chapters nationwide, the program has an average of 25 years in service across various communities. This extensive network of donors and volunteers empowers students right in their backyards, making higher education more accessible.

Volunteers are the backbone of Dollars for Scholars. Their dedication to student success has made a significant impact on countless lives.

“Any little boost you can get for college is good because it’s costly no matter where you go or what you do,” school career center coordinator, Laurie Carty, explained. 

This sentiment echoes the struggles of students who have felt the financial strain of college education.

Dollars for Scholars offers more than 50 scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors in South Windsor. (Esha Malli)

Enrolling in this program is a straightforward process designed to be available to all students. Applicants can create a profile at Scholarship America’s Dollars for Scholars Student Center, where they will provide demographic, academic, and extracurricular information.

The enrollment  process includes the following steps:

1). Set up your student profile account

2). Complete your student profile

3). Apply for Scholarships

4). Receive notification that you have qualified for an award

5). Attend the award ceremony

6). Accept the award online

 To be eligible for the Dollars to Scholars program, applicants typically need to meet certain requirements which may include:

1). Residency requirements

2). A GPA equivalent of a B average (C for vocational/trade schools scholarships)

3). Planning to attend a two-year college, four-year college, or vocational. trade school the following school year

4). Demonstrating a financial need

5). Showing academic achievement

6). Involvement of community service, employment, and school activities

7). Providing letters of recommendation

The enrollment window is a critical time period to applicants. To maximize the chance of a scholarship, the students must submit their student online profiles completely and accurately as soon as they open to ensure their profiles are completed before submission. The application opens on January 15 and all profiles must be submitted by March 15 at 11:59 p.m.

The Dollars for Scholars program exemplifies the profound difference that community involvement can make in the lives of students. By providing a network of financial support and care, Dollars for Scholars continues to be a beacon of hope for those pursuing educational dreams.

Find them here: Scholarship America: Dollars for Scholars 

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