NFL Week 8 Predictions

NFL Week 8 Predictions

John Montana, Writer

NFL week 8 is just around the corner and the talk of this week is who is the best NFL team. Students from South Windsor High school give their opinions on the topic. Student Nick Worthington believes, ¨Houston Texans because when they had Tyrod Taylor they were undefeated and they are coming back this week so he will pick up where he left off¨ 

However, other students thought differently.  ¨Currently the Cowboys have a starting QB who is playing like a top 5 player and carrying his team” Andrew Denicolo thinks. “The Wide receivers have huge variety in  talent and the defense is playing way better than previous years having Trevon Diggs with 7 interceptions¨ 

Also going into this week  the Lions look to pick up their first win of the season over the Steelers. Students Alex Magarian and Tyler Power both agree with each other with the, ¨Cardinals because they haven’t been beaten yet.¨ With all these opinions going into week 8 there is definitely a lot to look forward to. Davante Adams was placed on the covid list, and the Packers hope for him to be cleared for Thursday’s game against the Cardinals. 

DeAndre Hopkins is another questionable player due to a hamstring injury in practice. Aaron Rodgers has made several memorable Thursday Night Football after the win over the undefeated Cardinals. Carolina needs Christian McCaffrey back because he is their star running back. Tennessee has turned their season around with big-time wins against Kansas and Buffalo.

All of this makes this week’s matchups a great week to watch football.