Football’s Back, How Does It Feel?


Mikaylee Winn, PR Manager

Football at SWHS has returned, and the Bobcats are back on the field. With the new season fresh on their minds, the team is looking for the positives of their long awaited football season. 

WR Devin Decker states “I didn’t necessarily lose much with our season being taken. I’ve really gained a lot more. Physically, mentally, and skill wise, I used this time to get better, and I took advantage of the time entirely. My passion for the game has never died, and I’ve stayed positive and used this as my outlet for years.” 

Decker, a formerly new student, quickly adapted to his new team and shined right through making his debut this season with his attitude remaining stellar the entire time proving his passion for the game. 

Teammate Tyron Casey, also WR, speaks on this as well. 

“Losing a season I lost more physically than mentally. I wasn’t training as if there was a season, but I did gain more game knowledge. I had lost some passion for the game with my hopes going down that we’d actually have another High School season, but with the season making a comeback, my passion is too and my hopes are high.” 

Casey, a student athlete here has been playing for the football team since his freshman year, and this season in particular his performance is high, bringing his best every game.

 A sympathetic response came from Coach Hodge when asked how he felt about losing a year of football. 

“It affected me more with the fact that last year’s seniors lost their season. I felt bad for the seniors because all kids in sports work so hard and to be successful in High School football takes commitment. Those kids didn’t get to see how far their commitment would have taken them.” 

Hodge has been coaching football since 89’, and this past season  was different than anything he’d seen. However, he is glad to be back and coaching the game, and helping players achieve their highest potentials. 

What makes it worth it though? “When I first started playing life got in the way, I used football to cope and get my emotions out, it’s my outlet.” Decker states “ Freshman year I started varsity and everyone took me as a freshman, young and incapable, but the first game I went deep and caught the ball one handed and my mindset shifted and I knew what I was doing.” 

This moment has shaped Decker’s love for football, and remains a frozen moment in time reminding him why he plays. 

As well, Casey responded “My first varsity game against Bristol eastern sophomore year stands out because it was my first varsity game, I won that game so it felt like all the work was paying off.” 

Casey remembers that day with pride, and looking back will enjoy that win forever. 

In closing, the final question was asked, footballs back, how does it feel? 

Decker relied enthusiastically, “It feels amazing, having the family relationship with the team back is awesome. 

Relatively, Casey answered, “It feels good to be back, I haven’t played padded football in 2 years so it feels good to hit and be back to normal.” 

Finally, Hodge states, “ It’s Great, it’s just really good to be back and have actual football and to work hard and to enjoy watching the games again.” 

Decker, Casey, and Hodge, all shared the same excitement as well as the team, and with football back so is family, passion, and potential.