ICYMI: SW Bobcat Cheerleaders Take Home the Gold at CCCs Competition

SW Cheerleaders pose with their first place trophy and CCC banner after taking 1st

SW Cheerleaders pose with their first place trophy and CCC banner after taking 1st

Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

On February 15th at Berlin High School, the South Windsor High School bobcat cheerleading team attended the annual CCC cheerleading competition along with many other teams across the state of Connecticut. After working hard during practices and other competitions, the girls fought their hardest to earn the title of grand champions of their division and runner up overall.

To start off, the bobcats did not perform their routine until later during the day, as they were the last team to perform in the East division, which went on third. So, they did not spend much time that day cheering. They only performed for about two and a half minutes and spent the rest of the time Berlin High cheering other teams on and relaxing. Some girls even made friends with other teams and tried to distract themselves by looking at the CCC t-shirts that were being sold or even by making Tik Toks. However, when it was finally South Windsor’s turn to perform, they were ready to win.

One of the senior captains of the cheerleading team, Melissa Sullivan, announces with pride that “Our stunts were absolutely amazing. Pyramid and the first stunt were both major hits. The energy and dance after the routine was indescribable.” With the team having so much energy and accuracy throughout the performance, it really played a substantial part in their big win. During the awards ceremony when the results of the competition were presented to everyone, the lady Bobcats were ecstatic. Sullivan also states that “When we won we were so happy. We were happy to know that all of the hard work we had done over the course of our season had paid off.”

While the whole team had worked hard to get this win, there is no doubt that everyone put in 110% in practices. To prepare for this big competition, the girls typically practiced three times a week, and during these practices, they would do many things. The bobcats would practice their routine repeatedly and sometimes even have guest tumbling coaches come in to help them obtain new skills on the mat. With all the help from their coach and other people, the team was able to perfect their routine and get it as perfect as they could. Not only this but after one of the basketball games leading up to CCCs, the team performed their routine in front of the people who were still in the gym. This really helped the team get used to performing in front of a crowd, which occurred at the competition. This clearly helped when the team came out of the competition as Grand Champions in the Eastern Division.

Overall, this competition was a huge success for the girl’s cheerleading team at South Windsor High School. With this win under their belts, they are determined to continue this winning streak at upcoming competitions. Good luck to the Lady Bobcats in their future endeavors!