Why Winter is the Worst Season

Rachel Maher

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The notoriously freezing temperatures and icy and hazardous road conditions make for the winter months in Connecticut to be anything but a good time. People who have been living here for many years, have come to know the scenes of winter as normal, and seem to take the conditions in storm, no pun intended. On the brighter side, kids living in the northern states, look forward to having multiple snow days during the academic year. From all of the other seasons we experience here in Connecticut, Winter is by far the worst one. Other than the holidays, the gloomy white scenery brings nothing but traffic jams, and long commutes to residents. Instead of bringing lovely spring flowers, the only thing Winter brings is gloomy skies, scheduling delays, and chapped lips. 

Winter brings along freezing temperatures, which causes people to have to wear layers on top of layers, as well as moisturize their skin that is being hit by the wonderful whipping of the below freezing temperatures. One of the most relevant reasons that Winter is the worst season, specifically for students – is the shorter time of proper sunlight that is provided. Here at SWHS, students are required to be up and in class by the 7:25 am. That being said, the early mornings feel so much earlier, because of the lack of daylight. Another horrible characteristic of Winter, is the horribly chapped lips and skin that cause people so much discomfort. 

On top of the wonderful weather conditions that are expected by residents during the winter months, there is plenty of holidays that will drain your bank account. After a present-heavy Christmas, plenty of black friday deals, and a start to the new year, your bank account will most likely be in the red. On more of an obvious note, the struggle of the daily school commute, especially for students in high school is heavily impacted by the icy road conditions, and late school openings. Winter climate on the roads, can be a challenging and scary thing for first time drivers, many of them being students that attend high school. So on top of the actual travelling time, students now have to worry about properly clearing their cars of all ice and snow that may become hazardous on the roads.