Varsity Softball Loses in Quarter Finals of States

The Varsity Softball team lines up on the 3rd base line for the National Anthem

The Varsity Softball team lines up on the 3rd base line for the National Anthem

Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

South Windsor’s varsity softball team played in and lost the quarterfinals game in states, on Friday, May 31st. The game was at home and started at 4:00 pm. Although they had home field advantage, they were not able to pull through in the end and take the win. This was their first loss of the season, and sadly, their last. They lost against Norwich Free Academy, with a final score of two to one.

The game started off very quickly, due to Norwich Free Academy scoring in the first inning. After this, South Windsor tried their very best to score and keep the other team from scoring again, but they were unable to do so. In the fifth inning, Norwich Free Academy hit a solo home run and scored one more point. Throughout the rest of the innings, South Windsor stepped up their game and did not allow the other team to score again. They kept their guard up in addition to scoring their first point of the game at the bottom of the seventh inning.

Lyndsay Donston scored the run off of a triple when there were already two outs. Right after this, South Windsor’s coach called a squeeze bunt play, which is when there is a runner on third base and the batter bunts the ball so that the runner can run to home base and score. However, the batter was not able to bunt the ball in time, so the game ended with Norwich Free Academy winning two points to one. South Windsor broke their winning streak of twenty to zero and were not able to move on to semifinals in states.

Although they were not able to make it further in states or win, the team was happy with how they played throughout the season as a whole. Not only this, but the team became so close and Junior, Megan LeMay says that “We all cried at the end [of the game] because our season was over and we knew that there were a lot of seniors that we will never play with again.” To add on, Sophomore, Kennedy Gonzalez mentioned that her favorite part of the team is it’s dynamic, explaining that “Someone who doesn’t know how we are with each other might think we all hate each other, but it is all love. We treat each other like sisters and that’s what I loved about this year’s team.”

Even though South Windsor did not win this quarterfinal game, they still know that this season is one that they will never be able to forget. With having a great time playing the game with their teammates, to getting far into the season without losing a game, they were able to make memories and be the most successful softball team South Windsor High School has seen in a long time. Congrats to the team for their success and everyone cannot wait to see what next years team brings to the table.