The Red Sox Win The 2018 World Series


Joe Sandberg , Editor

The Red Sox have won the World Series in game five against the Dodgers only letting up one win. Game five ended with a 4-1 lead that the Red Sox had on the Dodgers. The Dodgers struggled throughout the five games, losing by four in two games while only winning in game three being tied till the 18th inning a record breaking amount of time played in the World Series. Game three was the longest game of the World Series lasting eighteen innings for a total of seven hours and twenty minutes. The game ended with a walk off home run by infielder, Max Muncy, of the Dodgers. The win didn’t falter the excitement of the games to come, as the Red Sox went on to win the next two games. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez both homered in the sixth and seventh innings to give the Red Sox the lead 4-1 over the Dodgers.

Game five ending in the realization that the 2018 season was in their back pockets. The Red Sox also held the leading record during the postseason in both leagues having 108 wins and 54 losses, while the Dodgers had 92 wins.

The Red Sox were on top of their game during the season. The team set their own franchise record by 2 after their 106th win against the Baltimore Orioles. With their latest World Series Win, their ninth championship, speculation is high for whether or not Mookie Betts will receive the MVP as well as the Gold Glove. The season may have ended but the 2019 season will soon be approaching and with the Red Sox high off their win, we can only wait to see what the next season will hold for the team.