The Internet Sensation Grumpy Cat Has Died


Source: USA Today

Angelica Rivera-Oliveira

Tarder Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat to the people of the internet, has recently passed away at 7 years old. Her owners confirmed the unfortunate event of her death on the official Grumpy Cat twitter, saying she died on tuesday due to complications from a past urinary tract infection. According to the official twitter account post, “She passed away peacefully on the morning of Tuesday, May 14th, at home in the arms of her mommy, Tabatha.”

Source: Quickmeme

Grumpy Cat’s stardom started back in 2012 when her owner Tabatha Bundesen posted a picture of the feline to reddit. The seemingly grumpy face of Tarder Sauce caught the attention of the site and in a matter of days, the photo was re-posted by thousands and remixed with comical captions. The most popular caption being, “I HAD FUN ONCE… IT WAS AWFUL.” Although many assumed Grumpy Cat was just a funny-looking cat due to her breed, Bundesen came out and explained that her unusual appearance was due to an underbite and feline dwarfism, which is a form of genetic mutation.

As the face of many popular memes and silly photos since 2012, this news left many of the people of the web in shock and disbelief. Grumpy Cat was even recognized by some of the other famous cat accounts online; Venus the Two Face Cat on instagram has 1.8 million instagram followers and made a sweet post in memory of Grumpy Cat saying, “Our cat world has lost a true OG legend, THE queen of memes who brought laughs and smiles to so many! Our hearts our broken to hear of Grumpy’s passing.” It’s also a trending topic on twitter, gathering the attention of thousands of people. But even with all of the sadness due to her passing, Bundesen encouraged Grumpy Cat’s supporters to look on the bright side, saying, “Grumpy Cat has helped millions of smile all around the world – even when times were tough. Her spirit will continue to live on through her fans everywhere.”