Featured Athlete: Sam Meleshenko


Provided by Sam Maleshenko.

Prowl’s featured athlete: shot put and discus thrower for varsity track, senior Sam Maleshenko.

Prowl: What inspired you to become a track athlete? 

Meleshenko: “I have run track since I was in 5th grade; it has been a part of my life, and I have fallen in love with the sport since.”

Prowl: What has been your biggest achievement in your track career so far? 

Meleshenko: “Qualifying for nationals.”

Prowl: What advice would you give to underclassmen athletes? 

Meleshenko: “I would say to stay just as focused during the off-season, and that recovery and mobility are just as important as anything.”

Prowl: How do you balance your school life and your athletic career? 

Meleshenko: “Just of course prioritize the school work in school and get the work done at practices track it is not a big team sport, so I am allowed to put in extra work in my free time so if I do have school priorities, I’m able to still get my practice in.”

Prowl: What motivates you to keep pushing yourself on the track? 

Meleshenko: “Wanting to always get better and to become the best I can be to make my family proud.”

Prowl: How do you deal with injuries or setbacks? 

Meleshenko: “Do what I can, take the time to recover, and come back stronger than ever before.”

Prowl: What is your training routine to prepare for the track season? 

Meleshenko: “Lifting, throwing when the weather is nice, and stretching to prevent injuries.”

Prowl: What is your goal for the future in your track and field career?

Meleshenko: “Score points at the college level.”

Prowl: What is the hardest part of being a track athlete? 

Meleshenko: “It’s easy to get in your head when you aren’t performing the way you should. Getting out of that mindset is the hardest part.”

Prowl: What are you most excited about this season compared to the rest?  

Meleshenko: “I’m excited to see how I’ll be able to perform after experiencing bigger meets last year, also being able to help out new throwers.”