How WandaVision has Broken the Internet after premiering on Disney+

How WandaVision has Broken the Internet after premiering on Disney+

Andrew Kotait, Writer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe aired their first tv show on Disney+ on January 15th 2021 and people were blown away. The first two episodes were unlike anything seen from the studio before. It portrayed the two Avengers Wanda and Vision in a sitcom reality with an underlying creepiness involved. 

Theories have broken out over the Internet on what has been happening throughout this series, and every episode slowly gives us more hints on the story. 

Genre wise this is out of left field for Marvel studios since it takes from the sitcom genre but also involves some horror elements. It also is a deeptake on how sitcoms have evolved throughout the decades giving us a parody on shows from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s up until modern day. 

People seem to be very invested with the show already, Abhinav Sympathi is a long time comic book enthusiast and reader.

 “I was never a huge fan of Wanda or Vision in the MCU so I did not expect to like the series as much as I did but it really is super interesting. I think especially now during lockdown it gives me something to look forward to every week which I have not felt in a while, it is good to have new content from the studio and have a show that really turns the tables on what you expect.”

However not everyone shares this opinion, a good amount of the fanbase is annoyed with the show since it is not like your typical superhero flick. Noah Pichay who is a longtime MCU fan explains why the show confuses him as of now.

“So far it is something I did not expect I was expecting more of a typical superhero show so my opinion so far is undecided but I am still going to tune in every week for sure.”

Whatever the secret behind WandaVision may be whether its reality bending, time travel, or even involves the devil we are sure to tune in every Friday to find out.