A Look at Heather Kim’s Love for Racquet Sports, Extra Curriculars, and the Flute

Heather Kim prepares to head into the batting cages and hit some softballs.

Heather Kim prepares to head into the batting cages and hit some softballs.

Kelli Mann, Writer

Sophomore at SWHS, Heather Kim, has proven herself to be a determined and active person overall. Within every aspect of her life, Kim has found passion in getting involved in the many activities, sports, and clubs at the high school. 

Kim, as a lover of racquet sports, participates in playing tennis, ping pong, and pickleball. “I love to play tennis because it keeps me in shape and I love the team spirit,” she says. During her  freshman year of high school, Kim pursued a spot on the SWHS girls’ varsity tennis team. “From the one season I played on the high school team I created many new friendships. It’s the support from my coach and team that made me thrive to play better. Without my team being there cheering me on when I was the last match on the court, I don’t know where I would’ve found the passion to stay in the game longer,” says Kim. Throughout her sports experience, Kim exaggerates the effect that her friends and teammates have had on her ability to succeed.

Outside of her love for racquet sports, Kim’s love for the flute continues to grow. “I started playing flute in the fourth grade which is when I fell in love with it,” she exclaims, “I have been in the band ever since.” Throughout her high school career, she continues to enjoy playing flute as a part of the band. It has been a door opener for many new opportunities and experiences for Kim. Alongside her love for the flute, Kim also participates in multiple clubs like interact and cooking club. Within the interact club, she finds herself volunteering in charity bake sales and emergency food drives. Her active and welcoming personality is reflected by the help she offers to the community as a volunteer. As a part of the cooking club, Kim is one of the officers. Therefore, she is in charge of picking out recipes and helping with clean-up after club meetings. 

Outside of school activities, Kim loves to bake with her mom. “I like to bake all different kinds of deserts. Two of my favorite dishes are banana bread and chocolate chip cookies,” she elaborates. In her free time, Kim continues to stay active by playing ping pong with her brother and staying active with her friends and family in many other ways. 

As a member of today’s society, Kim has found her place as an active volunteer, leader, and athlete. She has never failed to keep a contagious smile on her face as she treads through the halls of South Windsor High School.