Paci Signorelli and His Vacation of the Year

Paci Signorelli and His Vacation of the Year

Joe Sandburg

Over April break, many Students went on vacation away from home. One student happened to go to the country that has very few people living on it. Junior, Paci Signorelli, went to Iceland for his vacation. Paci started off noticing how everything was much pricier there because everything has to be shipped to the country. A bottle of water was $4 and ramen noodles were $8.

Paci had the chance to ride snowmobiles on glaciers. The glaciers were enormous from the way Paci described which made it so he was able to hold the throttle down for quite some time and go quite fast. “The speed was insane, it was so fun to just be able to go fast and it caught me off guard a little when I hit a jump by accident.” he said about riding with the tour guides. He also got to go to an exclusive area where he was able to get under waterfalls for an amazing view with the surrounding formations of rocks.

Paci had a wonderful vacation in Iceland and on the way back stopped in London for a couple of nights. There, he was able to do lots of shopping at the Gucci and Louis Vuitton stores. He even got to try on a robe that has been worn by two great celebrity fighters Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Throughout both countries that Paci visited, Iceland was clearly the highlight of his vacation and a great experience.