Watch Out For ‘Jaharmy’ At The Volleyball Marathon

Angélica Rivera-Oliveira

This Friday at 6pm, a volleyball marathon is taking place in the gym here at SWHS. Teams of 8-10 students will be coming to show off their athletic skills and have fun with their friends. Many teams have created names for themselves and even made matching shirts to wear during the tournament. One team that has a mix of junior and senior members calls themselves “Jaharmy” referring to the now deceased rapper Jahseh Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion.

Jaharmy consists of Erin Katzbek, Isabella Sanchez, Megan Phadael, Wilfred Otchere, Lindsey Osit, Paci Signorelli, Micaela Hanson, Nathan Curameng, and Cj Rodgers. The group of nine are excited for the event but aren’t necessarily in it to win it, Rodgers stated, “We don’t care if we win because we just want to have fun.” Their positive and happy-go-lucky attitude is something that they think sets them aside from the other teams. Most of them haven’t even played volleyball in years, Rodgers said, “I’m excited about going to the competition because I haven’t done it before and I love trying new things. It’s out of my comfort zone because I don’t play volleyball a lot.”

The optimistic bunch also see the volleyball marathon as a way to be part of a team that has a common goal. Nathan Curameng said, “My favorite part about being on this team is that I get to have fun with my friends and work with them to do our best at the game.” Although many students here at SWHS participate in after-school sports and activities, some don’t because they can’t find time for it or they are too intimidated to try out. But, the volleyball marathon provides a way for these students to still have a team experience, do it with people they are comfortable with, and not be tied down to too many commitments like practices and a full season of games. Otchere stated, “It’s way more laid back.” If you choose to come out on Friday in support, look out for Jaharmy in the courts.