Vaccine passport?

Vaccine passport?

Noah Gehris, Editor


Throughout the past few months, we as a country are coming to what feels like the end of Covid-19. As there is still one question people are wondering,  How will people know who has the vaccine? 


Since most of the world decided to go into quarantine, people have been wondering when this phase would be over. The answer to this question hasn’t been answered, but we are taking the right steps to get there. According to multiple sources, like CNN, there will be a covid vaccine passport. This will be a way to show that you have been vaccinated if there was any questioning. An Administration official stated in a press conference that, “Multiple government agencies are engaged in conversations and planning, coordinated by the White House, as this kind of system will play a role in multiple aspects of life.” President Joe Biden has even gone out and stated that he believes these passports will be, “the key to a return to normalcy by the end of the year.”

Other ideas have been released, like an app on your phone that would tell people that you are vaccinated, but that idea was cut short due to the large number of people without a smartphone. Another idea that got released was a traditional paper vaccine certificate, but again due to the hassle of carrying it around, and the ability to lose the paper, the idea was cut short.


As more information continued to come out, we learned that Biden does not want the federal government to create the vaccine passport. A few officials talked about why that is, “the effort has been driven largely by arms of the Department of Health and Human Services, including an office devoted to health information technology.” Basically saying that they do not want to switch the hands of who is in charge, especially when we are this close to what feels like normalcy. The groups in charge right now include non-profit organizations and tech companies.


As the idea of the vaccination passport was shut down by many Americans, an official told the post, “Our role is to help ensure that any solutions in this area should be simple, free, open source, accessible to people both digitally and on paper, and designed from the start to protect people’s privacy.” This might mean the plans of the vaccination passport will get shut down at a later date, or that they are still in the testing phase of this idea.


The plan for the Vaccination passport shall come to a final decision on if it will work in just a few weeks, as of right now it is just an idea being worked on. But that leaves us with some big questions. What is a better solution then the Vaccination passport? Is this really the best we can do? Scroll down and let us know in the comments.