Can Joe Biden Beat Trump in the 2020 Election?


Former Vice President, Joe Biden, speaking at a campaign event.

Jessica Polito

As the race for the U.S. Presidential election is starting to ramp up, former Vice President, Joe Biden, has announced that he will be adding his name to the list. Biden recently completed his first campaign event and spoke in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 29, 2019. As a well-known politician and favorite of the democratic party, Biden has been said to have good odds in terms of beating out Trump for the role of president.

While Biden has high poll numbers, many fear that his policies are not favorable compared to other democratic candidates such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. This fear is concerning for democrats, especially with a statistic from the Quinnipiac University National Poll report on April 30th, which revealed that “among Democrats, 25 percent want a presidential candidate who focuses on fighting President Trump, while 70 percent want a candidate who focuses on other national issues.” If Americans are pushing for their stances on policies, will they vote for Biden, who has the potential to beat Trump, or will the votes be split because of varying stances?

Democrats are desperate to push Trump out of office, and assistant director of the Quinnipiac University National Poll, Tim Malloy, said that there is a “very clear indication from voters that he (Biden) is the only candidate who can send President Trump packing 18 months from now.” Though senior, Camille Osumah doesn’t want to see Trump in office for 4 more years, she thinks it shouldn’t be Biden either. She explained that “I like Biden, but I want more change than I think he can provide, he’s more of an old school politician.”

As the 2020 election starts to edge closer into sight, both parties are prepared to fight for the presidential spot. Though Biden is a clear fan favorite, time will tell if democrats will start to favor someone else instead.