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A Trip Back in Time

The New York Times Square in Manhattan, New York, and also a boundary to Broadway, New York.
Sophia Gordon
The New York Times Square in Manhattan, New York, and also a boundary to Broadway, New York.

The South Windsor High School music department ventured to the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway, in New York on Wednesday, April 17th. The classes sat down to enjoy Back to the Future: The Musical on the extravagant stage.

The students were given seats in the orchestra section of the theater, allowing them the best possible view and experience of the musical that they could imagine. Before heading off to the show, they enjoyed a feast at the restaurants underneath the Rockefeller Center, preparing them for the excitement they were about to encounter.

“I really enjoyed the musical since not only was it funny, but there was always something new to watch on the stage,” sophomore Mallory Mead said when discussing the trip. 

The music students were able to view a creative and brilliant performance by Marty and gang, which was consistently able to captivate the audience and keep their full attention. 

The experience in Broadway also allows the Bobcats to better understand their own techniques on stage, motivating them to perform better then they would have before. Boring performances can often keep viewers from appreciating the true talent on the stage, and the talented students of South Windsor were able to truly learn how to avoid that in the Big Apple.

“It was a lot of fun, and also nice to get to go to New York. The show was really good and well made, and I want to see it again,” sophomore Arushi Sharma told The Prowl.

The busy and vivid streets of the wonderful, New York City.

The students as a whole expressed their appreciation for the trip, and a true admiration they had for the performances they witnessed, as well as the city as a whole. This trip was able to touch upon their love for music and make school just a bit more enjoyable as the school year rounds to an end.

“I loved getting to spend the day with my friends in the city, and watching a new show I never would have seen on my own,” sophomore Sarah Hall explained.

While this experience was an opportunity to spend time with friends on a fun, yet educational, school trip, it also provided more for the students of South Windsor. The musical was able to give them inspiration for their own upcoming performances, such as the production of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ kicking off on the 25th of April, and motivate them to work even harder than they already do.

The importance of trips such as these can’t be understated, as students interested in music get to dive deeper into these interests and activities while also being educated on subjects they may dedicate the rest of their lives to. The arts are essential to many students and it is demonstrated by how they can learn from experiences such as these as we move into the future.

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