Behind the Sri Lanka Bombings


After the bombings in the church in Sri Lanka

Joe Sandberg, Editor

This past Sunday in Sri Lanka, there were a total of nine terrorist bombings that killed, as of now, 290 people and injuring over 500. People are sad to admit that this kind of catastrophic tragedy could have been prevented.

The government was warned 10 days in advance by a senior police official with a three-page report stating the names of six terrorists by name. According to The Guardian, the government was informed on April 4th about the attacks that happened said Rajitha Senaratne, a member and spokesman of the Sri Lankan Cabinet. Senaratne has also said that the government will be raising funds for all the families of those who have perished with 100,000 Sri Lankan rupees (572 US dollars).  The reason for this compensation to the families of the perished is because Sri Lanka feels at fault for what had happened.

Since being advised so long before these events occurred, the Sri Lankan government has started a country wide search of every home in order to find these terrorists and bring them to justice. Along with the search, the President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, said that there will be a “total reorganization” of the security in the country in order to tighten down on terrorists groups in the country. On Friday evening, a gun fight broke out at a suspected bomb workshop in Kalmunai, a city on the East coast of the island country. The workshop was thought to be constructing “suicide bomb kits and explosives” said NY Times and the military proceeded to start with gunfire on the workshop. At the same time, three explosions in the same area went off. In Sammanthurai, a city just a couple of miles away from Kalmunai, the military had found ISIS flags and literature at an area thought to be the organization’s place for oath-taking.

Overall, the Sri Lankan government is taking full action against the terrorist group involved with the bombings and won’t stop till every house is searched. They are also going against any federal officials that knew of the bomb threats before they happened. The Sri Lankan government is going to change its ways and hopefully strengthen their security so that a catastrophic tragedy does not happen like this again.