Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s Shocking Split

First picture posted on social media of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande 
Source: Instagram

First picture posted on social media of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Source: Instagram

Brianna Skaff, Editor

This past weekend, it was announced that Ariana Grande, 25, and Pete Davidson, 24, split after their 5 month long engagement. The couple met on the set of SNL and according to unknown sources, hit it off right away. Since then, the couple had grown very attached to each other; getting collections of tattoos together, adopting a teacup pig, and engaging in excessive PDA.

Around October 6, fans noticed that Davidson had covered up his well-known tattoo of the ‘Dangerous Woman’ bunny ears. This sparked rumors which were further fueled by Grande and Davidson not attending the AMA’s last week.

Many fans believe that they broke off due to a conflict surrounding Mac Miller. Miller, Grande’s ex-boyfriend, passed away due to an overdose on September 7. Many unnamed sources confirmed Grandes despair over the loss. However, the conflict that has arisen is actually between Davidson and Mac. A rumor has come to light of Davidson sending Miller pictures of him with Grande in order to inform Miller she is off the market. Miller’s family apparently told Grande of this this weekend, coincidently when the split occurred.

A different reason that arose for the cause of the split is due to both of the celebrities poor mental health. Davidson spoke of his mental health issues on SNL, while Grande has been very open about her PTSD from the Manchester bombings and her increasing levels of anxiety. During a speech, Grande’s manager alluded to her going through a difficult time emotionally and needed a break from the entertainment world.

The last idea that many people, including Grande’s family, do not find to be too far off is that they rushed into the relationship. After they began dating in May, they got engaged a month later, leaving many people shocked.

An anonymous source confirmed that “things are over romantically” but they still love each other and hope to continue talking.