Why it’s the Perfect Time to Start Celebrating Christmas



Jillian Thibodeau, Editor

With Christmas coming up, people are debating on whether or not it’s too early to celebrate the holiday. I can understand why people would think that it’s too early to get into the Christmas spirit, but now that Thanksgiving has passed, I don’t really know why people get upset when I mention that I have already started listening to Christmas music.

With this in mind, many people would agree with me that it is definitely okay to start celebrating Christmas right now is as long as Thanksgiving has passed. I think that the perfect time to do anything Christmas related is the week that separates Thanksgiving and the month of December. That specific week is just a normal week of the year where nothing really special happens. What’s better than putting up decorations when there’s nothing better to do? Furthermore,  since Black Friday and Cyber Monday is during this uneventful week, you could start your Christmas shopping early if you wanted to.

I typically go Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister every year and I can tell you that it really gets me into the Christmas spirit. Anytime after Black Friday, I’m constantly listening to Christmas music and watching cheesy Christmas movies (you can probably tell that Christmas is my favorite time of the year).

I know that many people may not be as interested in the holiday as I am, but Sophomore Erin Stephens and Junior Raquel Paz-Zavala agree with me to a certain extent. Stephens believes that “December 1st, or a little bit earlier, is a good time to start celebrating Christmas.” She hasn’t done many Christmas-related activities as of now, but she is a fan of the holiday and is planning on doing more of these things very soon. On a similar note, Paz-Zavala says that “I’ve started to listen to Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’ and I’m looking for a new ugly Christmas sweater.”

The holiday season is a very exciting time for most people, regardless of which holiday they celebrate. I hope you all have a great holiday season, even if you start celebrating Christmas a few weeks before the actual holiday.