Ready, Set, Egg Hunt!

On Friday, April 7th, 2023, hundreds of South Windsor families took part in the annual egg hunt held at South Windsor High School’s stadium. For the past 38 years, the South Windsor community has gathered together each year to share the joy of the Easter Holiday and kick off the spring season. 

Volunteers arrived early and scattered plastic eggs throughout the football field. At 10 o’clock, a South Windsor Parks and Recreation staff member initiated a countdown, and the egg scramble began. Throughout the morning, children, ages of 1 to 7 years, flooded the field and filled their baskets with colorful eggs. A DJ kept the fun alive during the transitions, filling the area with kid-friendly music. 

The Annual Egg Hunt has a greater significance for the South Windsor community than hunting for eggs. “This is the 38th annual egg hunt so it’s actually a tradition in the community which is really special, it’s multi-generational. There’s a lot of different significances, it’s a religious weekend which is nice, but honestly, on our end, we’re focused on bringing people together,” stated Shauna Damon, Certified Parks and Recreation Professional and manager of the egg hunt.

It’s actually a tradition in the community which is really special, it’s multi-generational ”

— Shauna Damon, Certified Parks and Recreation Professional and Manager of the Egg Hunt


Preparations started early for South Windsor Parks and Recreation’s 38th Annual Egg Hunt. “I ordered the eggs back in before the new year, in December. We really start planning that far in advance. I have a timeline that I follow, and it really starts as soon as the eggs are purchased,” said Damon. Booking the DJ, making flyers, and advertising in any way possible are a few of the many tasks on Shauna Damon’s plate. However, the reward was immense for the South Windsor community, as well as the Parks and Recreation workers. “For me to see all of this come together so well, to see South Windsor come out, at least a thousand people for each age group, it’s amazing,” expressed Damon. 

South Windsor Teen Center hosted a bake sale fundraising for future events.

Many South Windsor clubs and programs attended the event, providing entertainment for children of all ages. Accompanying the egg hunt was a bake sale hosted by the South Windsor Teen Center, which raised funds for their upcoming programs and events. South Windsor Community Women’s Club hosted a Kid’s Fair from 10:00-12:00. The Women’s Club offered games and prizes for children of all ages, in exchange for non-perishable food items that will be donated to the South Windsor Food & Fuel Bank. The appearances of these organizations added to the element that the Egg Hunt offered. “Coordinating with the women’s club and teen center, it’s a lot of moving parts to make it a success,” explained Damon. 

The egg hunt begins, children flood the field and fill their baskets with eggs.

South Windsor takes pride in their community events. Although this was not the first Egg Hunt hosted by South Windsor Parks and Recreation, it was certainly memorable. “This is my first time managing the egg hunt and it has been awesome, one of the best egg hunts that I’ve been a part of,” concluded Damon.