The Inside of the Violence That Happened At The Capitol


Noah Gehris, Editor

On Wednesday, A group of american citizens came together to act violently against the capitol of the United States. In the past few days people who have participated in these actions lose their jobs because of their actions and the numbers of casualties from that day keep increasing.


During an attempt to fight for what they thought was right, an act of breaking and entering into the capitol. A protest that was messaged by the leader of the country Donald Trump, turned for the worst quickly. Thousands of people that gathered together to try to fight the results of the presidential race, caused an act of violence. Emotions from the president on the situation have been all around the place. Starting off the day, during his rally the president said, “We will never concede.” Then towards the end of the day, we received statements of him telling people to go home and leave. Along with that, there were tweets about how people there that day can face jail time.


Through the past few days more people come out and talk about their experiences with that emotional day. A viral TikTok video from Yahoo News broke out gathering over 27 Million views, with a woman talking about how she got pepper sprayed during the raid by the police. The women referred to the day as a revolution. Her exact words were, “We’re storming the capitol. It’s a revolution.” Later reports have accused her of being a fraud, as in the video you can see a  random object tucked in the women’s towel that she keeps rubbing on her eyes. People speculate that it could be an onion that she is rubbing across her eyes to fake the pepper spray.


The president is paying for his actions, as his twitter and Facebook is currently on a suspension. There is no time given on when it will be unsuspended, but reports are saying that it can become a full time ban. Both the apps believed it was the best idea to remove the president, as it was a act of violence he called for which is against their rules. of his There has also been heard talks about how Trump could in the next few days also get taken out of office after his actions in the last few days.

During this act of violence, one woman got shot to death. There have also been reports of a woman and two men dying shortly after the protest from suffering medical emergencies. Police Chief Robert Contee said, “One adult female and two adult males appear to have suffered from separate medical emergencies, which resulted in their deaths. Any loss of life in the District is tragic and our thoughts are with anyone impacted by their loss”