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The New Boss of Nevers Road

The end of an era for The Bobcat Prowl and the ushering in of a new one
Max Schwartzman
The Bobcat Prowl prepares for one chapter to end and another to begin.

As the warmth of summer approaches, and the ringing of the last bell of the school year prepares to chime, The Bobcat Prowl also prepares for its own major changes.

For the past two years, Max Schwartzman has enthusiastically led The Prowl as its Editor-in-Chief, building the paper into one of America’s most prominent student-run publications. At his side has been Content Editor Aasrith Veerapaneni, who implemented and organized many of the behind-the-scenes successes that have helped The Prowl to flourish. 

Schwartzman will be leaving South Windsor to study international relations at George Washington University in Washington, DC. His aim of becoming a diplomat has its origin with The Prowl when he published an article about his personal attempts at diplomacy that is currently being turned into a full-length book.

I would honestly say that without The Bobcat Prowl, I would not be the same person I am today.

— Max Schwartzman

On the other hand, Veerapaneni has chosen to study English at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Using his skills that helped make The Prowl great, he plans to pursue writing, perhaps on the neon-lit streets of Broadway or the rolling hills of Hollywood.

However, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. The loss of Schwartzman and Veerpaneni will be sad for the paper, but the staff and readers can be assured that they’ll be in the great hands of the new Editor-in-Chief and new Content Editor. 

Being able to work and collaborate with others, pushing to places the newspaper has never been, it’s been an absolute pleasure [that] I am simply so lucky to have [had].

— Aasrith Veerapaneni

Eliza Blanchfield, currently one of the editors of The Bobcat Prowl, was chosen to lead the newspaper going forward. Joining as a half-year student during the Spring semester of 2023, she quickly rose to an editorial position during the 2023-2024 school year, even writing the very first news piece of the semester. 

Despite only being a sophomore, Blanchfield has proven herself through both writing and editing, quickly showcasing her prowess for leadership. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to have the greatest staff – some of the most talented and hardworking folks you’d ever meet – but it’s Eliza who stands above the rest through her unstoppable determination, an uncanny ability to foster teamwork, and dedication to The Prowl,” Schwartzman noted. “I full-heartedly believe in her and know that she’ll do an amazing job.”

Blanchfield, a dedicated community member around South Windsor, is looking forward to taking over the position and getting to help foster journalism education and interest in journalistic careers for SWHS students. For her own future, Blanchfield seeks to follow journalism and writing with an emphasis on psychology – especially to help children. 

In addition, Emma Cherubini, the current Copy Editor, will take over as the Content Editor next year, becoming the second highest position on staff. The Copy Editor seat is colloquially known as the “Aasrith” of the newspaper, named after the departing holder of the title.

“With her work ethic, organizational skills, and ability, [Cherubini] will provide an amazing anchor for success,” Veerapaneni said.

As a rising senior, Cherubini is looking forward to continuing her journalism career into college and beyond. For The Prowl, Cherubini was the first individual staff member to receive an award for an article, winning a Best of SNO Award for her Christmas Story Come to Life piece.

One constant for The Prowl will be Mrs. Cara Quinn, the newspaper’s incredible advisor. Quinn took the position at the same time Schwartzman became the Editor-in-Chief, and has been a major asset to the students-run course.

“Mrs. Quinn’s support for the newspaper staff and editors never falters, nor does her passion for journalism,” Eliza Blanchfield explained. “Her consistent commitment to The Prowl is evident, and admired by many.”

Even though the Schwartzman-Veerapaneni era is coming to an end, there is still a great outlook for the future – much thanks to Blanchfield and Cherubini. The Prowl has and will continue to cover stories from across South Windsor and SWHS, be involved in local events and affairs, and even start new initiatives and projects around town, and with its new leadership, will reach new heights never before believed possible.

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  • Maanya Pande, Eliza Blanchfield, Aasrith Veerapaneni, Eli, and Max Schwartzman celebrating The Prowl’s first award of 2024

  • Mrs. Quinn and the Editors of The Prowl discussing the effects of social media and the news

  • Aasrith Veerapaneni, Eli, and Max Schwartzman take a selfie in the journalism room

  • Eliza Blanchfield and Max Schwartzman sitting on a French train during the France-Spain trip of 2024

  • Emma Cherubini, Max Schwartzman, and Eliza Blanchfield debating stylistic choices

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About the Contributors
Maanya Pande
Maanya Pande, Finance Manager
Maanya is a senior at SWHS who is interested in a career in civil rights or law. She enjoys reading & writing and hopes for opportunities to make an impact with her writing. Outside of class, she also enjoys dancing and running. She also runs for the girls cross country team. 
Max Schwartzman
Max Schwartzman, Editor-in-Chief
In addition to his communication with over 60 world leaders, Max Schwartzman is the Editor-in-Chief of South Windsor High School’s award winning newspaper, The Bobcat Prowl. He is strongly committed to keeping our school’s newspaper great, teaching the writers about the art of journalism, and working alongside his incredible staff. In his free time, Max is the author of a book that originated from an article on The Prowl, as well as a dedicated volunteer for various non-profit organizations. Max has his sights set on a career in diplomacy and foreign service, and he’s willing to do whatever is needed to succeed. 
Aasrith Veerapaneni
Aasrith Veerapaneni, Content Editor
Aasrith Veerapaneni is a senior at South Windsor High School, and the Content Editor for The Bobcat Prowl this year. When not working with the Prowl, he has his fingerprints all over the Music department, being a proud member of Choral Spectrum and Understaffed. He also watches a large variety of different sports, keeping himself up to date with all the stats and facts throughout the year. His passion for English and writing, and his competitive drive, is evident in all of his work.
Eli Schwartzman
Eli Schwartzman, Web Manager
Sophmore Eli Schwartzman is the web editor for The Bobcat Prowl. Schwartzman enjoys sports photography, and is regularly attending local sporting events with his camera to take pictures. He has a love for sports, both watching and playing. His favorites to watch are college football and the MLB, while his favorite sport to play is baseball. Outside of school, you can find Eli at the baseball fields, taking pictures at a sporting event, or hanging out with his friends.