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Descending to Greatness
Keerthana Toram and Pooravi SrivastavaApril 22, 2024

Check out the exciting classes offered in the basement.

Tech education teacher and Bobcat Nation News advisor in front of the tool wall in the woodworking classroom.
SWHS's Jack of All Trades
Andrew Kronnenwetter, Staff Writer • April 22, 2024

Broadcast news, woodworking, and construction teacher, Mr. Joseph Jarvis has been a huge part of SWHS’ entertainment and news programs, giving...

Big Dawg Home Improvement
Annalyse McKenna, Staff Writer • April 19, 2024

Local business Big Dawg Home Improvements is a thriving business in the South Windsor community. This small business was started by a veteran,...

Barbara Eddy, ASL teacher in her classroom on the second floor.
Eddy Wraps up her Final Year Teaching at SWHS
Ethan Sands, Staff Writer • April 19, 2024

After nearly 20 years of service in the South Windsor School District, SWHS’s American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Barbara Eddy is retiring...

Two customers walking into the front of Mexicali located in South Windsor.
Mexicali Gives Back to the Community
Gwen Giard, Staff Writer • April 15, 2024

Opening in 2015, Mexicali has been the go-to Mexican restaurant for many South Windsor residents for almost 10 years. With a fun and family-oriented...

Winter Wonders Await

Exploring the possibilities of the SWHS Annex amidst the anticipation of snowflakes.
Michael Wang
The Annex has been fully functioning for students and staff for the past three months, but as the weather begins to change, concerns about the commute between buildings come to the forefront.

As winter encroaches upon South Windsor High School, a spellbinding, albeit slightly concerning, transformation envelops the SWHS Annex. Over the past three months, the SWHS Annex has proven to be a valuable addition, addressing the growing need for space and accommodating a broader array of classes for students to access.

The availability of additional classrooms has relieved overcrowding concerns in the main building while fostering enriched learning experiences and broadening academic exploration in courses such as world language, business, culinary arts, and more. 

However, over the past few months, the increased travel time between the main facility and the Annex has not gone unnoticed. 

“The primary drawback of the Annex is the considerable amount of time it takes to reach it,” sophomore Daiwik Maddula told The Prowl.

While the benefits of the SWHS Annex are substantial, it is imperative to acknowledge the imminent impact of the fast approaching, winter weather conditions that SWHS will soon fall victim to. 

I’m well aware of the risks that snowy weather brings to the safe transition to the Annex.

— Mrs. Ruiz

“I’m well aware of the risks that snowy weather brings to the safe transition to the Annex, ” Spanish teacher Ms. Ruiz explained. “The best solution to this problem would be to remind students to plan ahead.” 

This concern is not unfounded; a severe lightning storm impeded safe transit between the two buildings, delaying all classes for 30 minutes in early October. This incident showcased the effects and potential risks of future snow related disruptions, as it negatively influenced the schedule for the day. 

It is essential for the cooperation of everyone so that this issue may be quickly resolved. “As we get into the winter months, students and faculty must be wearing the appropriate footwear and clothing. As long as they come to school prepared, there should be no problems,” Chris, one of the security guards at SWHS stated.  By doing this, it will allow everyone’s safety to be guaranteed, assuring a successful school year.

So far, the SWHS Annex building has ushered in a plethora of opportunities, augmenting the already solid educational landscape. With a collective effort, the Annex will not only further enhance this school’s academic fabric, but also its safety and overall environment for all to enjoy. 

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