Things to Do, Places to Be

Various student hotspots in South Windsor.


Fadel Kafel

A view of Nevers Park located right across the street from SWHS.

After a long day of learning and working on assignments, students are eager to find a place to relax with their friends or a quick bite to eat. Luckily, SWHS is located near multiple beautiful parks, along with a few great small businesses and restaurants. 

Lunch at 10:10 not working for you? Students looking for a quick snack can stop by fast food restaurants like Subway, Dairy Queen, or Dunkin Donuts. 

“Getting Subway or Dairy Queen after school is beneficial because it’s a way to get fast fresh food and to see some of your friends that work there,” said sophomore Adam Albaghadi.  Albaghadi enjoys the many options for after-school snacks. Whether they are clocked in or making a quick pit stop, these restaurants seem to be filled with SWHS students.

Getting Subway or Dairy Queen after school is beneficial because it’s a way to get fast fresh food and to see some of your friends that work there”

— sophomore Adam Albaghadi.

If you’ve got the time, and would rather sit down at a local restaurant, Sullivan Avenue has a few great options. Mexicali, Red Cabin, and Joe’s Pizza to name a few. 

Nevers Park is a large, scenic, open area that has more to offer than at first glance. Students can enjoy the acres of land for frisbee, a quick game of catch, spike ball, or more. The park also holds long gravel trails that circle the park, weaving in and out of the woods and fields. Not to mention the bark park, where students can bring along their dogs to join in on the fun!

Along with this, Nevers Park houses many SWHS J.V. and Freshman sports games. Students can stop by and watch their friends on the sidelines. “I feel like Nevers park is a great place to go and there’s a spot for all if you like sports. You can play baseball and soccer. Also, if you’re not into sports, you can take a stroll through the park,” said sophomore Nathan Tenney. 

Similar to Nevers Park, but on the opposite side of the high school is Major Michael Donnelly. The park has much to offer, including a beautiful pond, gazebo, winding trails, and more. While older South Windsor residents use the park for exercise, students can stop by the park to witness beautiful sunsets at the top of the hill, located off Sullivan Avenue. 

Lastly, many businesses are house on Sullivan Avenue as well. The Country Store is similar to a convenience store, with many options for food, drinks, or any necessity. Many students enjoy this convenience, “I feel the Country Store is underrated because you can leave the high school and grab something quick and come back for school activities,” said sophomore Jake Palombizio. 

Sullivan Avenue is a very popular place for students not only because they can grab food, but can also kick back with their friends. Students don’t get their license until junior year, so these areas being close proximity to the school is great for underclassmen.