How to Spend a Snow Day in South Windsor?


Max Schwartzman

The view of the Blue Spruce Open Space from Frazer Fir Pond.

Picture this: You’ve woken up late in the morning, the ground is covered in snow, and you’ve nowhere to go. What would you spend the day doing – or not doing?

With almost half a foot of snow on the ground, the winter storm of February 28th provided a much appreciated day off to SWHS students and teachers. Many took the opportunity to relax, some took the chance to get work done, and others had fun in the snow.

I spent the day “grinding calc and other HW,” Junior Paul Chen told The Prowl. The vast majority of students said that they’d spent the day doing work, which disappointed many of them.

I went “sledding and [made] hot cocoa,” The Prowl’s Emma Cherubini said of the snow day.

A bobcat on the prowl in the snow near the Christmas tree farms. (Max Schwartzman)

Senior Ares Savvides said that he was braving the icy roads to “[go] to the gym.”

“I was able to enjoy some new books that I got,” Science teacher Ms. Tuxbury emailed The Prowl, “because I actually had some down time today.”

Despite the nasty weather, most students and staff of SWHS found a good way to spend their surprise day off.

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