SWHS Wrestling

SWHS Wrestling

Tim Jensen

Anthony Sosa, Staff Writer

The SWHS Wrestling Team had a good season but can hope for better in the future with more people on the team. The SWHS Wrestling team started last season off with a win in the first meet. Junior Shawn Blocker, who has competed for the team the past three years, when speaking of last season said, “The entire season was a struggle fighting with injury and sickness. A few of our best players were injured for a good chunk of the season or sick with Covid and other things that made it difficult for us to meet our potential. Even with the amount of setbacks, we still had a strong winning record and several of the people on our team made it far into the state championships”. 

The SWHS Wrestling Team is looking forward to this upcoming season. “I think that this upcoming season is going to go very well with all the new freshmen that will be joining the team, I think we will be able to have a great season,” said sophomore Thomas Cuddy. Cuddy says he’s ready for this upcoming season and is ready to compete alongside anyone new to the team this year, especially freshman. 

This upcoming season The SWHS Wrestling Team knows that because Covid is not going to sit them out, they will fare well against the competition compared to last season. Without the fear of sickness, there is still the fear of injury. A lot of the SWHS football players enjoy wrestling as it helps it in their football seasons, this means that those who are in both teams are at risk of lots of injury. 

A prime example of this is when a player can break their leg in a football game, then a month later, while they are still healing, the wrestling season starts. That player had an entirely different sport affect their other one because they play both back to back. Injury is still a concern, but not as much as last year because everyone is prepared and ready for setbacks this time around.