Sweeter Than Fiction: Underestimated or Inaccurate Seeds, Better Than the Average Cinderella Story

Sweeter Than Fiction: Underestimated or Inaccurate Seeds, Better Than the Average Cinderella Story

Angelina Bellizzi, Editor

From the ground up March Madness, college basketball’s survival of the fittest, comes down to which teams make it or break it. This year, not a single perfect bracket stands. 


Teams become predictable when setting a draft, such as Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga, and top basketball schools. Lower number seeds, become more predicted to advance than higher numbers. 


These may not be as accurate as they look. Such as the fifteenth seed who shattered the status quo. A highly asked question, “who?” Not only but the 25 acre university with 2,355 students roaming the small high school halls. 


Talk about St. Peters started up after the team won against Kentucky, picked the number two seed. Kentucky did not play in the 2021 tournament, nor did St. Peters. This game earned articles from ESPN, New York Times, CBS Sports, and an article from Kentucky’s website “Five Things You Need to Know About UKs Loss to St Peters.”


The defeat between Kentucky and St Peters, classifies the second time Kentucky lost in the first round of the tournament. According to many stats, Kentucky had the game. With extra time, St Peters got lucky.  The peacocks turned the ball over to the cats 15 times. They also fouled 25 times. 


Theoretically if each Kentucky foul shot attempt went in, they’d have the lead. Could St Peter’s defense have consist of fouls, and Kentucky’s missed attempts? After Kentucky, St. Peter’s next opponent not only but another Kentucky school, Murray State, the seventh seed.  


With four minutes left on the clock, the score raised to 59-57 after Justice Hill splashed a three pointer for Murry. Doug Edert, the newly famous player for his mustache, reciprocated with a three pointer and a layup, after Murry fouled on the Peacocks, they finished the game on the line. St peters owned the game beating Murry by ten points.


Yet again, talk about St. Peters stirred up. The next place the peacocks headed, not only their neighboring state, Philadelphia, to play against Purdue. Basketball Index.Com gave the Peacocks a 20.3% chance to win the game. 

The Saint Peters coach responded to his team named the newest fairytale,”We can’t do that, Cinderella, underdogs, this, that. I got guys that just play basketball,” Saint Peter’s coach Shaheen Holloway told CBS Sports. “I got a bunch of guys that just play basketball and have fun. That’s all we do.”


St Peters kept an average three point lead throughout the end of the second half, cutting it close, Purdue made two free throws, the peacocks reciprocated making two of their own. St peters have a four point lead with 30 seconds on the clock. 


After Purdue’s Jaden Ivey scores a three, Purdue fouls on Edert. If Edert makes his shots, St Peters will have the winning lead. As he does, they keep the lead. Until Ivey goes for another three. 


Iveys three bounces off the rim, and St Peters becomes the first fifteenth seed to make it to the Elite Eight. 

Predictions yet again wrong, when the team beat Purdue by three points.


St Peters Dance doesn’t stop there, when they move on to play against North Carolina. After upsetting multiple teams, they crashed. They lost 69 to 49. 


Overall, St Peters had a good run, but did not have enough steam to push them past North Carolina. The question is, should their dance run as far as it did?


At times St Peters got lucky, but they won steady and close games. According to Kenpom, a college basketball ratings website, St Peter’s offense efficiency placed 240th in the country.


Special enough St Peters marks the first fifteenth seed to make it to the elite eight , even more special for this small jersey school. They did not go to the final four, or become champions, but they made history.