Mac Jones Griddys Into Endzone

Mac Jones Griddys Into Endzone

John Montana, Writer

The pro bowl is all the all star players for AFC and NFC and then they collide and try to win for their team. A main event that had happened during the pro bowl was patriots quarterback Mac Jones hitting the griddy dance after scoring a touchdown. The crowd was completely shocked because the rookie hit the dance in the pro bowl. 

Another big topic that had happened this year was all-star Tom Brady retiring. It seems that this news wasn’t really too big of a surprise, but senior David Morisson said, “it really makes you realize how fast time flies.” The superstar had 7 rings, which means super bowl wins.  This also puts Brady at the top for the most rings from a quarterback.  Brady “said his decision to retire after 22 NFL seasons wasn’t about age or injury. He underwent surgery to repair a torn MCL in his left knee last offseason — an injury he played through for the entirety of his first season with the Bucs in 2020. 

To cap everything off the Super Bowl was this weekend and it was Bengals Vs the Rams. “The game was close for a while and then turned in the last minutes of play” Morrison said. But the LA Rams came out on top and Cooper Kupp was mvp. “I don’t know what it was, there was just this vision that God revealed to me that we were gonna come back, we were gonna be a part of a Super Bowl and we were gonna win it,” Kupp said. “And somehow, I was going to walk off the field as the MVP of the game,” ESPN stated.

To wrap things up, rookie quarterback Joe Burrow quotes, “We have to let it fuel us,” Burrow said after the game. “We are going to at least celebrate what we did this year.” The Bengals were sacked 7 times throughout the game. One of those times it tweaked Burrows right knee “I wasn’t coming out [of the game],” Burrow said. But the Bengals had a few trick plays one including Joe Mixon Cincinnati Bengals running back who lofts a back corner trick-play TD pass to Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.