Stephen Curry reaches new heights with groundbreaking streaks

Stephen Curry reaches new heights with groundbreaking streaks

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

This week, Steph Curry re-wrote the NBA rulebook, after breaking multiple records, during his incredible scoring streak. 

This month, the NBA player was able to score ten 3-pointers in six consecutive games, something no other player has done. Curry also was able to knock in 11 straight games with 30 or more points and just finished his fifth game with 40 or more points in the month of April.

If Steph is able to continue to improve and play like he has, fans may see him joining James Harden,Elgin Baylor,Kobe Bryant and Wilt Chamberlain by becoming one of the only players to average 40 points a game. 

In an interview earlier this week Curry Talked about how he achieved these groundbreaking streaks, “You don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you just play basketball,” Curry said. “Being aggressive, obviously, but kind of letting the game come to you. For me, that looks a certain type of way, but I’m having a blast out there just playing basketball and it’s obviously working”, the Warriors star stated.

The Sixers team also reacted to Currys feat, and George Hill, a Sixers Player, expressed his thoughts and overall reaction to the streaks in a recent interview,“I think he’s on a historic run right now,” The player stated. “He’s making tough shots from everywhere on the floor. He’s playing at that All-Star, that MVP caliber player that he’s been playing at many years ago. I like the challenge and I like the opportunity.”

Currys coach Steve Kerr added to the discussion when he talked about Curry’s drive and effort on the court, “I’ve seen Kobe Bryant early in his career had a stretch where he went nuts,” “Obviously Michael Jordan had some stretches where he just scored like crazy. But nobody’s ever shot the ball like this in the history of the game.” Kerr said.

The Warriors have had a rough season and right now,and are barely hanging on with a 29-29 record. Curry stands as part of the glue that holds the team together considering all the points he is able to score each game. One member of the team talks about how, “The things he can do on the court — it’s special.”  “He’s one of a kind,”  Andrew Wiggins states. 

These next few weeks and games decide so much for Curry, and if he continues to play well, could result in him being able to break even more incredible records. 

Earlier in the week, Devin Booker also made headlines after becoming the 5th youngest player to ever achieve 9,000 career points.

In Other News for the NBA:James Harden is struggling with a hamstring injury, and is unsure of when he will be back,“The Nets will continue to be cautious with Harden, and there’s a possibility that Harden’s return could come closer to the start of the playoffs in a month, sources tell ESPN. For now, he will continue to be out.”,Adrien Wojnarowski NBA insider.

This April holds so much potential for Curry, and young players such as Booker. Fans will definitely be watching closely, and holding onto their seats, this spring.