Paige Beckers from Uconn faces off against Iowa’s, Catlin Clark in NCAA Women’s College basketball tournament

Paige Beckers from Uconn faces off against Iowa’s, Catlin Clark in NCAA Womens College basketball tournament

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

Two of the most talented freshman girls in the Country faced off in an intense NCAA College basketball game this week.  


As the game started out  in the first half, fans were on the edge of their seats trying to tell who would take the lead. The match had, ” raised eyebrows when the brackets came out,” ESPN analyst Rebecca Lobo states. “Fans have been having the debate all season long: who is the best freshman in the country. This game won’t decide that, but it will be highly entertaining for all basketball fans. We need Iowa and UConn to play each other the next three years!”


Despite the constant competition put on Beckers and Clark, they both respect each other and are proud of one another for their achievements. In an interview before the game, Clark states that “going up against her would obviously be a great opportunity,… Obviously a good friend of mine, a tremendous player. We would both say, we’re not going to win it alone, no matter who wins that game.” The Iowa freshman says.


At the start of the game, Iowa took the lead, only for Uconn to overturn the numbers and make an outstanding comeback, winning 92-72 20 points ahead.


Junior Crystal Williams from Uconn, helped the team a great deal, scoring a total of 27 points throughout.


Paige Buckers also represented her game on the court helping to add many points to the teams total. During an interview, Chris Dailey, the Uconn associate basketball coach explained how, “Paige absolutely has another gear when playing good teams,” “The more physical the game ⁠—and if she thinks she’s being fouled ⁠— the gear comes up quicker. When she reaches that gear, she’s hard to stop.” 


The game was filled with twists and turns, and there were points when fans were unsure if Uconn would win or if Iowa would remain ahead. Both Click and Buckers showed a lot of great game on the court and Buckers helped her team move ahead in the ranks, advancing into the elite 8.


This Monday, Buckers and the team won another close game against Baylor, and advanced into the final four.