The MLB has mixed opinions about when to start their season

The MLB has mixed opinions about when to start their season

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

MLB Players and owners are struggling to find agreement in creating a plan for the 2021 season this spring. 


With rising numbers in Corona Virus cases, it is hard for the MLB to  work up a plan this season. While many in the MLBPA (mlb players association) believe it is possible to play a full season while still following guidelines to stay safe, the owners of the MLB think otherwise.


 Various MLB owners feel its best for players to ensure they are safe and to get a vaccine than to have a full season. The possibility of getting infected still remains, “I would love for everyone in MLB to be able to get the vaccine for sure,” “If that means starting later, then so be it. Hearing everyone talk about how taxing all of that was last year just to play, isn’t something I think everyone wants to go through again,’’ says one MLB owner.


Although Price seems to be on edge with the season starting on time, the MLB still plans on having players back for spring training. This may appear to be good news, but many fans,players and coaches feel that the chances of all players getting vaccinated, and the owners coming up with a definite plan by February are slim.


Marc Topkin an NBL Rays team manager expressed his thoughts about the 2021 seasons potential, ““MLB managers are doing zoom calls this week, similar to media sessions they would have done at winter meetings. From what the first 3 have said, they’re “expecting” a full 2021 season with spring training starting on time.” 


Julia Morales, a sports reporter, adds on to Topkin,After working through a crossed-out mess in my 2020 calendar, I’m going to wait a beat before filling out 2021,” said Morales. 


While many different beliefs and predictions about the MLB 2021 season are flooding the news, it still stays undecided what the season holds. Many players are hoping to have a full season this year since last season was cut short, only 60 games. 


Players earned only about a third of their average pay for the 2020 season, which was disappointing. While a normal season has 160 games, the 2020 year had to be cut short, something players are not hoping will repeat.