Aaron Rodgers surpasses 400 career passing touchdowns in win vs Eagles

Aaron Rodgers surpasses 400 career passing touchdowns in win vs Eagles


Jason Alwang, Editor

In football it’s difficult for a quarterback to even get near 400 touchdown passes, however on Sunday Night Football, Aaron Rodgers became the seventh quarterback in history to reach that number. Just days after his birthday Rodgers reached that milestone faster than any of the other six quarterbacks to do it, the next closest being Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints. Rodgers beat Brees to that number by 12 games all while playing for the Green Bay Packers. It was Rodgers’ 193rd NFL game. 

The Packers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 30-16 and gained ground on the number one seed Saints in the NFL playoff race with the victory. In this game and throughout the last five years Rodgers favorite target, wide receiver Davante Adams caught two of Rodgers 3 touchdowns, the 2nd one being the 400th. Rodgers complimented Adams after the game and expressed how much he appreciates him. Adams after getting the touchdown knelt down in the endzone and handed the ball to Rodgers knowing what he had accomplished. “So I made everybody on the team aware who’s a pass-catcher. I said, ‘Whoever catches the third touchdown today, don’t throw the ball, keep the ball,’ because I don’t think Aaron has any of his century-mark touchdown passes.” Adams wanted the whole team to know that no matter who caught that pass, you got to keep the ball and that’s what Adams did. 

Rodgers spoke about how he will hold on to the ball forever and was glad to get the number 400. Rodgers however expressed how he doesn’t know if it will hold because of all the young talent there is in the league today,  “I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to hold on to the second one. There’s some really good young quarterbacks I’m guessing are amassing some numbers in that vicinity. But it does speak to the consistency over a long period of time that I’m very proud of.” 

Aaron Rodgers continues to build on his long resume in the NFL and for him this is another accolade to his accomplishments as an NFL quarterback.