Covid Cases in football bring uncertainty to the rest of the season

Covid Cases in football bring uncertainty to the rest of the season

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

Numerous football teams and players across the country have had to make tough decisions and restrictions to their seasons this fall, in order to stay as safe as possible with the many uncertainties of Covid-19. 


The Tennessee Titans are one of these teams, and are greatly affected by the virus. With 23 cases including the players and staff, the Titans have the highest numbers of covid cases on a NFL team. 


In an interview with News Channel 5,the titans coach shows concern for his players and staff members health and the health of their family’s. In the interview Mike Vabrel Said, “Some of them are indeed experiencing flu like symptoms,nothing I think out of the ordinary. We anticipate that they will feel better shortly, nothing I’m overly concerned about but again my concern is always with the safety and the health of our players,their families,our staff and their families.”


Vabrel isn’t the only one worried about the season. Texans Player Chris Landrum is alarmed by the situation. He feels concerned about his family’s safety and is not getting answers to important questions, “We should be able to ask questions, to have some more definite answers, which we don’t right now so I think that’s the biggest concern with the current players right now. We just want to feel safe.”


What the season brings is unexpected. With more cases appearing each day, no one knows how long the season will last, “The feeling is very uneasy around Tennessee right now,still that there may be more positive tests coming and that this situation could change again before the end of this week.” Titans Writer David Boclair said to Sports Illustrated. 


Numerous cases reported on the Titans almost cancelled their game against the Bills this Tuesday. A cancellation would affect both the Titans and Bills seasons. The game ended up taking place, the titans winning 42-16.


No new cases were reported from either team after the game which relieved players and their families. Although things are working out now, there is no guarantee what the rest of the season will bring. It is undecided if the season will go on, for many more months still await ahead. Hopefully if players continue to follow the safety precautions more games will occur.