Super Bowl LIV Predictions

It’s finally here. After months of waiting and guessing and surprises, two teams have emerged from the dust to compete at Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium. Out of the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs, led by QB Patrick Mahomes and a bolstered offense, have steamrolled over seemingly everyone in their path up to this point. The NFC boasts the San Francisco 49ers, with their potent defense led by playmakers like Nick Bosa and Richard Sherman. With this article, Jacob and Josh will break down each team’s journey to the big game and an X-Factor for each team, along with some interesting facts about the Super Bowl.

What to Know

When: Sunday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox

Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Florida. 

Spread: KC -1.5

Over/Under: 54

Predicted Forecast: 68 degrees, Partly Cloudy

How They Got Here

Kansas City Chiefs:

The Chiefs have shattered all expectations dating back a couple of years. Considered to be just another mediocre team in a pack of AFC pretenders, the Chiefs have lit up scoreboards and are now in the Super Bowl behind the arm of quarterback Patrick Mahomes. After earning a 2 seed and a bye in the AFC, the Chiefs overcame a historic deficit and rallied to beat the Houston Texans in the divisional round. The Conference Championship saw the Chiefs defeat the ‘Cinderella’ story in the playoffs: the Tennessee Titans. Plenty of people argue that the Chiefs had an easy road to the Super Bowl, especially considering they did not have to face the Patriots or the Ravens at all in the playoffs (both happened to lose to the Titans). However, the Chiefs were all but lucky this season. Despite a brief injury scare to Mahomes in the middle of the season, the Chiefs flatlined all other teams in the AFC West and won the division in commanding fashion.

San Francisco 49ers:

The 49ers have been dominant all year long, only losing three games, and each by only one play pretty much. In Jimmy Garraoplo’s first full season, he has proven he is more than capable of being a franchise quarterback for many years to come. What is most impressive, is that I can talk about four other position groups for San Francisco and say that they’re more talented than their quarterback. No doubt, the 49ers are the more complete team and have everything you need to compete in the Super Bowl. 


Kansas City Chiefs: Sammy Watkins

I feel like this a game where Sammy shows the world just how good he really is. Drafted number 4th overall a few years ago, Watkins has had a rollercoaster of a career, from putting up great numbers in Buffalo, to constantly battling injuries, etc. The 49ers will need to limit Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill as much as they can, whether it’s doubling both of them, or blitzing Mahomes where he is forced to throw to the nearest WR. This is where I feel like Sammy emerges victorious, as the 49ers simply can’t cover all of the weapons the Chiefs present. Look for Sammy to stretch the field, as well as catch a few short passes. 

San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo

This one isn’t as obvious as some other people that may need to step up on the Niners team but Garoppolo is a big one. In the only two playoff games the 49ers have been in this season, Garoppolo has only one TD, one INT, and 208 passing yards. He has been a mere bystander and has let the run game command the Niners. Sure, Coleman and Mostert must step up but if Garoppolo doesn’t, the run game will get swallowed up by DE Frank Clark, DT Chris Jones, and the rest of the Chiefs front seven. Jimmy Jesus, as he has been nicknamed, must air the ball out more times than not if the 49ers want to be successful.

Interesting Super Bowl Facts

  1. Despite the Chiefs boasting a strong offense, the 49ers are 2nd in the league in points per game (29.9) while the Chiefs sit 5th (28.2)
  2. On the flip side, the Chiefs are 7th in the league in points allowed per game (19.2), which is .2 points ahead of the next team: the San Francisco 49ers
  3. For the 21st consecutive year, a former Purdue Boilermaker is playing in the Super Bowl
  4. After going 4-12 the previous season, the 49ers are only the third team to reach the Super Bowl

Game Predictions


Kansas City Chiefs 33

San Francisco 49ers 27


Kansas City Chiefs 27

San Francisco 49ers 23