Looking Forward: SWHS Ice Hockey

The SWHS Boys Hockey Team rounded up for a pep talk during a game last season

The SWHS Boys Hockey Team rounded up for a pep talk during a game last season

Jessica Vieira, Writer

The SWHS Boys Hockey team is looking forward to a new season this winter. Along with personal improvements, Junior Quinn Cotton says that players are looking to “…work hard with [other] teammates” and improving the team’s skills as a whole. 

Cotton has been on the team for three years and is excited to build a strong sense of community between new and returning players. Mason Haley, Senior is looking to improve his speed from last year. He would also like to “improve [their] goals-against score”. 

The team overall is working towards better functionality in the group and improving the chemistry between the players. An example of how this might be accomplished is that everyone is expected to work hard at practice. Something every player learns is that they should give effort both on and off the ice. 

As is the case for many different activities, Players on the team have many different aspects of the game they find favorable. Cotton explained that his favorite part of hockey is the “sense of community that it offers” and the feeling of being a part of something big. Haley commented that the thing he likes best about the game is the team spirit and “…of course the contact involved”. 

“Hockey is more than individuality as everyone has to do their job for the team to function” Cotton explained. “Every member of the team is a cog in a machine and the whole team is often greater than the sum of our parts”.  

The team’s end goal for this season is to build a strong bond and play hard and are willing to put in a lot of effort to accomplish the goals they’ve set for themselves. Their first game is December 12th at 5 pm against Simsbury in the Simsbury-Farms Ice Rink.