Former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick Hosts Workout for Scouts


Noah Gehris, Editor

On the 16th of November, Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick hosted a workout so that NFL scouts could come to watch him play after years of being out of the league. This workout was held at Charles R Drew high school, south of Atlanta.

Colin Kaepernick threw to 4 wide receivers, showing off his passing ability to the personnel in attendance. Kaepernick was able to catch the attention of 8 scouts that decided to come and watch the 32-year-old veteran play.

When Kaepernick decided to change the location of the workout and have it happen at Charles R Drew high school at the last moment, it left NFL scouts misled and confused by the location. Kaepernick’s representatives came out and said the NFL wanted him to sign an “Unusual” contract, which is his reasoning for the change of location. Kaepernick’s original location was at the Falcons training facility, which all 32 teams would be at.

As he suited up at the high school, Kaepernick caught the eye of some scouts. Scouts called the former NFC Champion ‘impressive’. Fans also decided to show up and watch him from the endzone. Fans screamed motivational words to Kaepernick including, “Stay focused! We believe in you!” Kaepernick later went on to meet and sign autographs with the fans.

As Kaepernick’s performance left some of the scouts in awe, many scouts couldn’t get over the fact of the location change. Scouts would have to drive a total of around 60 miles. Most of the scouts were reported throwing their hands in the air at the news and then heading straight to the airport.

Kaepernick followed his workout by stating, “I’ve been prepared for three years, I’ve been denied for three years and you all know why.” Kaepernick is referring to back in 2017 where he kneeled during the pledge of allegiance, this led to angered fans and also a jobless Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick finished the workout by gathering everyone who came and saying “I’ve been ready. I’m staying ready.” Kaepernick has also shared that Saturday’s tryout was just one chapter in an ongoing tug of war.