2019 Outdoor Track Senior Day

Jessica Polito

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  • Just before changing into their uniforms, athletes (from left to right) Abby Grohs, Erin Dunn, Candace Walsh, Cora Brownbill, Jess Polito, Anna Armstrong, Rhianna O’meara, and Emma Metevier posed for a picture.

  • South Windsor 100m hurdle athletes, Amanda Walsh (lane 1), Neigya Skyers (lane 2), and Micaela Hanson (lane 4) race over the hurdles.

  • Track members (from left to right) Sammy Sander, Erin Stephens, Jillian Thibodeau, Amanda Walsh, and Abby Weiner dressed up for the school day to celebrate the last day of the regular track season.

  • To celebrate the last home meet of the season, the track coaches bought a cake for the seniors.

  • Seniors Jess Polito (left) and Katelyn Macomber (right) pose for a picture with their celebratory cake.

  • Waiting for their next races, Veena, Ava, Andrea, Maella, Alina, Ira, and Emma posed for a silly picture.

  • Senior, Jess Polito, took home posters made by her teammates and distance coach, Mrs. Flachsbart.

  • The girls from the varsity heat of the 100m race set up their blocks in preparation for their race.

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On Tuesday, May 14th, the SWHS girls outdoor track and field team had their last home meet against East Catholic. Even though there was only two seniors on the team this year, Jess Polito and Katelyn Macomber,  the underclassmen kept the tradition and made posters celebrating their teammates. Jess and Katelyn were sad that it was the end of the regular season but excited to enjoy the celebrations their team and coaches had planned.

Every year, the girls’ track team does “dress-up” day as their spirit for the last home meet of the regular season. Many girls posed for pictures in the lobby or outside before the meet began. Before the senior girls arrived, the underclassmen girls quickly changed out of their skirts and dresses so that they could hang posters on the chain link fence surrounding the track. Once East Catholic arrived, head coach, Mrs. McCullough, began the meet.

The meet was full of many happy moments, but also some sad ones. Freshman, Cora Brownbill, remarked that “You could feel the excitement throughout the meet, and cheering was at an all-time high.”

The 4x100m relay was ran by Jillian Thibodeau, Muneeka Munir, Candace Walsh, and Amanda Walsh. They were delighted when they qualified for states. However, not all team members enjoyed the meet as much as others. 300m hurdle runner, Micaela Hansen, tripped on a hurdle causing it to come crashing down on her. Though mostly unharmed, Hansen was disappointed by her misstep.

Once the meet ended, the girls were all encouraged to grab their bags and go to the cafeteria. Inside the cafe, the coaches had set up a spread of drinks, snacks, and a celebratory cake for the seniors. Once seated, Coach McCullough called up each senior and presented them with a small bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The seniors were sad that their regular season was over but excited for their upcoming conference meet on Tuesday, May 21st, at Manchester High School.