Raw Women’s Championship Match Announced as Main Event of Wrestlemania 35


Left to right: Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair on their own Wrestlemania 35 poster

Jacob Chaimovitch, Editor

The Women’s Revolution in WWE rages on.

First reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on the morning of March 25th, the Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey will close out the Showcase of the Immortals. This is huge for WWE, as this will mark another huge step in WWE’s Women’s Revolution which really started back in November of 2014 when the self-acclaimed ‘Four Horsewomen of WWE’ all made their debut in WWE.

Ronda Rousey first debuted at last year’s Wrestlemania and hasn’t looked back since. She went on a bit of a run and her first title victory was against Alexa Bliss at Summerslam. Her title run has been one of the few things to look forward to on a regular basis on Monday Night Raw. As of late, however, she has been feuding with two other lady powerhouses in the WWE: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Both women have been friends before but since Becky Lynch turned into the fan-favorite heel a la Stone Cold when she attacked Charlotte after their match at Summerslam. She has dubbed herself “The Man” and has gone on a rampage. Lynch won the Royal Rumble this year, giving her the right to pick a champion of her choosing to face at Wrestlemania 35. She chose Ronda Rousey to face and the match was set: Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship……so we thought.

After suffering a kayfabe (another name for something fake to uphold a storyline) knee injury, Lynch was suspended from WWE by Stephanie McMahon on the February 4th episode of Raw for failing to report to a trainer to treat her injury. She promptly dealt with the suspension by beating up Stephanie in the middle of the ring. The following week, WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon showed up and suspended Lynch for a total of 60 days for her actions the previous week. If you do the math, that would make her suspended past Wrestlemania which means she would have to be replaced. Insert Charlotte Flair. The match becomes Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship with Becky Lynch suspended……so we thought.

With the storyline between Flair and Rousey progressing very well, with Rousey turning into the badass MMA heel we all wanted in the middle of it, Lynch continued to show up to Raw and Smackdown despite being suspended. After weeks and weeks of torment on the WWE staff as well as both Flair and Rousey, Becky Lynch was finally given her opportunity. While still injured with her kayfabe sell, Lynch was booked in a match against Charlotte Flair at the Fastlane PPV event on March 10th. If Lynch won, she would be added to the match and it would become a triple threat at Wrestlemania. If Lynch lost, she wouldn’t be added. The match itself was 90% Flair attacking the injured Lynch’s knee and humiliating her. The other 10%? Insert Ronda Rousey. She marched down the ramp and promptly attacked……Becky Lynch? Attacking Becky Lynch meant that Charlotte Flair was disqualified. It also meant that Charlotte Flair lost via DQ, meaning Becky Lynch won. Rousey wanted the Triple Threat match, after all, she explained on Raw the next day, in order to humiliate both Lynch and Flair at Wrestlemania en route to a successful title defense at the Show of Shows.

Since Fastlane, however, two more crucial pieces of the storyline has occurred. Firstly, Becky Lynch is fully healed of her kayfabe knee injury and is 100% for Wrestlemania. The other being a rather shocking and unexpected one: Charlotte Flair became the Smackdown Women’s Champion on the March 26th episode of Smackdown. So, what does that mean for the Raw Women’s Championship match? Will the Smackdown title be up for grabs? Not at all? Perhaps the two belts will be combined to crown the first-ever WWE Undisputed Women’s Champion? Thankfully, our questions will be answered on the go-home episode of Raw on April 1st.

Ben Waldo, a sophomore at SWHS, is a huge fan of the current Women’s Revolution that has been occurring for a few years, saying “It has given the women a chance and [these women] show that they can headline big shows,”. Regarding the big match itself, Waldo is excited along with many WWE fans. The fan predictions for who wins the match are pointed squarely at one woman and Waldo wants her to be victorious as well. “The crowd [is behind] her, and if she doesn’t then we. will. Riot,”. His prediction? Becky Lynch. Will she win? Tune in on April 7th to find out.