Swim Meet at SCSU an ‘epic’ success

Brianna Skaff, Editor

On Monday, March 11, the South Windsor High School Boys Swim Team competed in the states swim meet at Southern Connecticut State University. The lineup consisted of freshman Andrew Bell, sophomore Ryan Dunia, Juniors Dan Savidge, Charlie Keen, and Cooper Castellone, as well as Seniors Dan Kotait and Griffin Bryan. The meet began at 6:30 and was against many other schools from the Connecticut district. The boys competed in various races including the 100 breaststroke, 500 free, 200 IM, 200 free relay, 200 medley relay, and 400 free relay.

Keen described the overall meet to be “very epic” and elaborated on the 400-yard freestyle relay, where four members of the team would race 4 laps using the freestyle stroke and then would switch out with another member of their team. According to Keen, “The 400-yard freestyle relay was very interesting. I started off this relay and I went about 52 seconds. After that, Griffin Bryan went and he had a 54, Cooper Castellone went and he also had a 53, and then after that Dan Savidge went and he had a 50, which overall was a very good, very fast, relay.” Cooper also added to the excitement describing his time with the 100 breaststroke; “During it, it felt strong and I felt prepared and rested. At the end, I got a 1:02.47 which is a career best and it felt very rewarding since all the hard work paid off.”

The boys concluded the state meet successfully, and Savidge managed to move on to opens (the farthest you can go for high school competitions) for both the 200 I and the 500 freestyle. Castellone reflected on this years season and his hopes for the next saying “I’m so proud of how everyone came together during the season and swam their best at every meet and all the way to championships and states. Can’t wait to see what this group of swimmers can do next year!” Congratulations to all the boys who competed in states and for an overall “epic” season.