The SWHS Ski and Snowboarding Club

Source: Sundown Mountain

Source: Sundown Mountain

Joseph Sandberg

With winter and snow upon us and the activities that come with it, it’s time to get the snow gear out and hit the slopes. The ski and snowboard club is the winter club to join for fun every week.  The club will be starting January 3 and is open to everyone and anyone that wants to join. The club leaves the school around 2:30 and usually doesn’t get home till 9:00 at night.

Junior Bailey Puebla, who has been on the ski and snowboard club multiple years said, “We are able to do our homework on the bus or in the lodge when we get there or when we are taking a break. We also like to play a lot of music through speakers on the bus and on the slopes.” She really likes being able to go and ski every week, especially with her friends.

Derrick Rutkowski says, “ It’s a cheap and fun way to get out.” During the winter, when there’s snow on the ground,  there aren’t as many things to do for fun that are outdoors. Rutkowski says the club allows him and others to get out and enjoy the winter weather. The ski and snowboard club also has one big trip every year on the weekend to a ski resort. This year it will be at Sugarbush Ski Resort in Vermont.