I Hate The Patriots


Andrew DeCasperis, Contributor

Why do I hate them? Well how much time you got? The Patriots are a great football team, and clearly the most dominant team we, as young football fans, have seen since we’ve been alive. However, it is not their skill that irritates me. It’s the personalities around them and the stupid sayings that go along with it.

“They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us”

Here’s a good place to start. Immediately when I think of this, the first idea that comes to my head is, why would we (fans of any other team) want to be like a bunch of cheaters and rule benders? There has to be something said about winning the right way.

“Do Your Job”

They claim it’s simple, but effective. However, this is a very basic statement that was not created by the Patriots, although every New England fan claims the great Bill Belichick created this. Now on to some of the big names around the team. It’s not just the Quarterback and Coach; it all starts with the owner.

Robert Kraft

It all starts with that stupid blue shirt with the white collar and then red tie to go along with it. Every single game he wears this. I mean, c’mon, don’t you think those get a little smelly about halfway through the season?

Tom Brady

You want to hear a hot take? Yeah, try the words “system quarterback”. All you have to look at is the Patriots record when Brady is not in the starting lineup. The year the Patriots lost brady to a knee injury in 2008, the patriots still went 11-5. This past year, when Brady got back from his 4 game suspension (we’ll get back to that in a minute), they were already 3-1. This team does not need Brady to win. So for the patriots fan to call this guy a “GOAT” is so out of line. The patriots know Brady is over the hill. All you have to do is watch how many under 10 yard passes this guy throws. He doesn’t have an arm anymore. Some may even say, he’s washed up.

Bill Belichick

Where do we start with this guy. Great coach? Yes. But how many times does this guy have to cheat for him to be out of the conversations for greatest coach of all time – first Spygate, then Deflate-gate. What else is next until we take him out of this conversation.

Last, but not least, we move on to their fans. Living in Connecticut, we are about split with Giants and Patriots fans. Giants fans are nothing but humble. Maybe it starts with us rooting for a first class organization. No cheaters, no controversy, just hard nosed football. The Patriots, on the other hand, all they have are arrogant close minded fans. When walking around the school I found a fellow senior named Jacob Gebhart, who was wearing a patriots shirt, and asked him why he liked the patriots, “I like every other Boston team, and my father is also a Patriots fan.” Typical  response. Someone who can’t think for themselves, so yeah… just jump on the bandwagon.

I hope this article could sum up why the New England Patriots are the most hated team in the NFL. Only this time, from an expert fan’s perspective.