SWHS Diver Commits To Division 1

SWHS Diver Commits To Division 1

John Montana, Writer

Student Andrew Bell commits to dive division 1 at UMASS Amherst. Bell’s record for six dives is 360.35. Six dives are where you dive Forward, Back, Inward, Reverse, Twist, and Armstand. Andrew discovered his love for diving freshman year, saying, “It was the first year I had ever competitively dove, and I was completely outclassed. This was eye-opening at the potential I had to grow as a diver,” He continued by stating “It made me want to do everything in my ability to become just as

 good or better than everyone else.” 

Bell goes on to explain his experience with the swim and dive team, “The swim and dive team is like no other team I have been on. Not a single teammate is foreign, everyone knows everyone on the swim team no matter how different we may be. The swim and dive team is something that is hard to explain but something I will never forget.” 

The swim and dive team has worked hard this season to get to where they are. Along with Bell’s diving skills, he also captained on the varsity soccer team this year. He went on to talk about what committing to UMASS meant to him, “Once I made my commitment to Umass I felt relieved. I achieved a goal of mine, to compete Division I. I will be majoring in computer and information sciences.” Bell will be a great addition to Umass diving team and is excited to continue his career.