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Beyond Kloter Farms

Max McDonald
Kloter Farms is more than just a furniture store in Ellington, CT, serving ice cream and sweet treats.

In the heart of Ellington lies a hidden gem that’s cherished by many locals and people from all over New England: Kloter Farms. 

This establishment may seem like just a furniture store, but it’s looked at as more than that by the people who frequent it.

It’s not merely a place to shop for furniture, it’s a place where community and art come together. 

Each piece tells a story, crafted by skilled artists who pour their expertise and passion into every detail. It’s a place with a spirit of community and warmth. 

Kloter Farms marketing director, Elisabeth Ballasy, shows her love for her job deeply. 

“Kloter Farms is my second family, and it’s truly a wonderful place to work,” Ballasy, explained. 

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  • Entrance to Kloter Farms located on West Road in Ellington, CT.

  • Open until 6:00 and 7:00 during the week, when the furniture side closes down, ice cream is available.

  • Two of the many ice cream flavors featured on Kloter Farm’s menu.

  • The menu outside of the walk up window at Kloter Farms.

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What started as an enterprise where custom-built sheds and chairs would be available, has blossomed into a sprawling establishment for all ages. 

Another aspect of Kloters that isn’t visible to the eye, is its teamwork and bonding behind closed doors. This is a staff that has been there for each other, even when times have been tough.

Outside of public view, Kloter Farms has contributed and given back to the community that has supported it. The majority of the donations made by Kloter Farms are carried out without revealing the source. 

“Our goal is to support the community without having the attention being on us or in a boasting fashion,” Elisabeth Ballasy said. 

On a smaller scale, a sweet factor Kloter is known for, specifically in younger audiences, is its delicious ice cream.

With an extensive ice cream menu available, Kloter Farms also makes their own waffle cones. (Max McDonald)

“I love the homey vibes of the whole place; plus their ice cream is so good,” first-time guest of Kloters, Kausar Khan commented. 

The establishment that is Kloter Farms brings joy and comfort to the people of Ellington and surrounding towns, beyond its grand furniture. Kloter Farms transforms from a mere retailer into a hub of connection.

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