SWHS Senior peeks at his future

SWHS Senior peeks at his future

Angelina Bellizzi, Editor

For the 1,200 students hustling through the halls at South Windsor Highschool, every student has a different dream, ambition and drive. Students get a chance to volunteer, research and more for a project in their senior year. Between the 305 seniors doing capstone,  Ali Abdulsater’s senior capstone project took a sneak peek at his future.


 Following his dream of wanting to own his own business and be his own boss, Abdulsater volunteered at Best Auto Sales LLC in Manchester, CT. There, he helped as much as he could and asked questions anytime he was confused. 


Ali spoke in confidence when he described his reasoning. “I’ve been surrounded by business owners my whole life, my dad, grandparents and other family friends. I wanna do it so I can make money and be the leader of something.”


 Ali says his father runs an important place in his life, and inspired him to create this dream. Ali’s father also owns a business, which drove him to this dream.


He does not know yet what he wants to study particularly, but he knows he is passionate about business and his dreams of becoming a leader.