How Holiday Traditions Shape Us

How Holiday Traditions Shape Us

Angelina Bellizzi, Editor

In a busy world, the moments of reflecting, or where you’ve been, create your life. People would not be anywhere without memories. Whether it was what they had for breakfast this morning or the last thing they said. Memories make us who we are. 


A lot of times when people think of core memories, they think of the place where everything is a break. Quite literally a break.

Holiday breaks are where we have a chance to stop worrying about work, school, and the rush of life, to be with family and friends. Placing back as a child, or an adult, holidays become something significant to life. Whether it was egg hunting on Easter, or hugging family into the new year, traditions mean more than most think. Holidays mean more than most think. Out of all the rushing year round there’s breaks where everything can be pushed aside and when  the break is over get right back to real life. 


During the Holidays a lot of people have traditions. Watching the same christmas movie, or putting the candelabra on the table, are all traditions. Traditions can come up in generations, and get passed down. They also can fall off.

In an article “Why Holiday Traditions Might Be More Important Than You Think” from Psych Central, it writes, “Holiday traditions are essentially ritualistic behaviors that nurture us and our relationships.” Since holiday traditions come once a year for each holiday, each year we mature and grow more, so the way we celebrate or come to these are different each year. 


Traditions can vary from culture to plainly something you do. From the article by Frank Sonneberg Online, relates to traditions and writes,“They remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past, shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become.”